Unseasonable weather as we head toward Christmas


Yes, we have had some snow, but nothing has yet stuck and despite the cold and the warm days here and there, it is as the rest of the year, unseasonable.

Unreasonable comes to mind as I say unseasonable. The world and its inhabitants are highly unreasonable, as we have see in recent days and I wonder when that cycle is going to continue into more normalcy.

Yesterday, as most of the work out of doors is done, I have turned to doing some things within the house. Not that I had not been doing them before, but well, try and keep me sitting in a chair!  We have had some cleaning issues as we do have someone clean the house every two weeks and our kind couple who does that has not been able to come. We don’t know when they shall return. Their son was killed recently in Mexico. We don’t know any of the details, but it is so sad to see a hard working couple knocked down by a horrible situation like that.

One of the things we have noticed about our cleaning team is that they are okay, quite fast, quite quiet, but also not as thorough as they could be, and that is okay. We have periodically asked them to pay a little more attention, and they do, but sometimes, we need to get involved so I was down on my hands and knees, and I thank the Lord that I can do that, wiping down the woodwork. In doing so, when I moved a tall cabinet, somehow one of its feet came off. Today I will have to find something to maintain its safety as the foot is currently on, albeit not attached with a screw or nail, and holding it up. There is always something.

The house is pretty much all decorated. Today, I plan to bring in some wood. We just had a whole cord of wood delivered, received as a Christmas gift from one of our sons. The wood looks good and will most assuredly be used. Perhaps one of the other things I can do is to remove the current ashes from the fireplace and distribute this natural fertilizer on the grass.

Okay, time to walk Stewart.

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