Buncha Hanoi and walking on the coldest day thus far!

Proof of seeing Misun and David at Buncha Hanoi.


It was -11 Celsius, about 12 degrees Fahrenheit. This presented me with a challenge as I wondered what to wear for the morning dogwalk. I have a new, retro Patagonia jacket that I have been wearing non-stop from the slightly cold to the very cold weather. It is surprising because it does not look as efficient as it actually is. It is light, and has a kind of shaggy lambswool look to it in blue. Anyway, it is amazing. I wore a light vest over a long sleeved Gap shirt, a gaiter, just in case, my usually beanie, but my very warm mittens, since my hands have a tendency to get cold.

My efforts to stay warm worked.

At least my fingers are not cracking, I think because of the large amounts of water I am consuming. Yesterday, I had more than 120 ounces of water, which was not my intent, but a visit to our local Vietnamese restaurant was the cause. Not only did I drink water and have a delicious soup, I had a green tea laced with Matcha. In it, was placed some sliced ginger and organic honey. We had the tea along with a warm sweet banana dessert that was so different and exotic, but amazing. Once again, it was Buncha Hanoi. The owner came over again and talked to us and she told us we can get the tea at Costco!

A side thought on the restaurant. Few people were there, which is exactly what we wanted in these Pandemic times, and we had gone with our Stratford travel companions. While we were sitting there, in walked our youngest son’s in-laws. They came over, we introduced them, and they went and sat down at another table. We went over, took a photo with them and then sat back down.

Just before they left, Misun and David stopped by our table and David whispered that he had paid our bill!  We were absolutely blown away by the gesture. We are still reeling from the wonderful generosity and kindness. The world needs more kindness and they are certainly at the forefront of this.

Okay, I need to clean up and get ready to Zoom.

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