Undecorating or downsizing the Christmas decorations


I had originally decided to take down the Christmas decorations, starting on Monday. I was communicating with a friend in Minnesota  and decided to start today. For years now, taking down the Christmas decorations means taking most or almost all of them. I have generally left the Spode Christmas dishes out and the ceramic Christmas tree my mom made. It is small and decorative.

I did turn off the laser light projectors outside, but I have left up the string of colored lights around the door and the pine cone wreath I made which is also lit up. I really cannot take those down until the snow has departed.

Inside, the Christmas tree departed last Monday, it is still on the sidewalk waiting to be composted. I left up the ceramic Christmas tree my mom made. She would have been 101 yesterday. The day before that was Orthodox Christmas. We changed the lights on the mantel from red LED alone to red and green together on the artificial pine string. The Christmas dishes are still there to use as are the beautiful corn husk people from Bratislava, Slovakia that we recently received from an online acquaintance. The stained glass that we have in the kitchen is also still up. We also still have the multicolored Christmas lights on top of the China cabinet and a lone stained glass piece on the window of the dining room.

My intent, for the rest of the day, is to do some relaxing. Stewie and I did a 1.5 mile walk despite the cold. I think he is tired as he had grooming yesterday, and for a Border collie, that can be somewhat stressful. I plan to do some meditation, maybe read my book, L’Anomalie by Hervé Le Tellier, or work on the Klimt puzzle.

It is nice when most of the undecorating is done and yet you still get to enjoy a bit with the drab and gloomy weather we are surrounded by. 

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  1. Dudley Parker says:

    Well Rich Koerner
    I’ll update you on the progress here across the pond with Christmas Decoration removal The Christmas Tree was disassembled I cut the branches down in the living room in situ. I bag them up and store in the cellar to be used as kindling The main trunk of the tree is now outside and will be sawn up for burning. By the way Christmas tree branches are useful as frost protection on vulnerable plants Possibly not in your extreme sub zero temperatures . The decs were boxed and taken to spare bedroom for onward transition to attic store. I since developed a cough and cold ( Not Covid tested negative ) The road to Damascus is paved with good intent. The storage in attic has faltered I will resume when feeling myself The only vestige visably of Yule is the external Christmas Wreath which I leave outside the back door until it is ready for disposal. I hope this pathetic diatribe gives you some comfort Best wishes as ever to Just Round The Koerners Across The Pond.
    Much Love

    • Always a pleasure to hear from you, Mr. Parker. We are doing well. I used to chop the Christmas tree up, save the center pole, and use that for a green bean or flower tripod set. For years, I had quite a collection. If I put the tree out front, they will pick it up and compost it. On another note, I have used the branches for winter protection, yes, even in our climate. I will say, however, that I never use pine, especially not in the house, since we are counseled never to use it indoors as the build up of creosote in the lining of the chimney can cause fires. I do use it outside in the fire pit, though. It makes a great fire with that sap. Glad to hear you are negative. All three of our sons have had COVID (for Christmas), as did one of our daughters-in-law. We are trying to really lie low right now. Much love to you, as well, we miss you more than you realize!

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