Puzzles and walking on the ice

Adele Bloch-Bauer is the beautiful woman in gold.

I have gone from three mile dog walks, before heavy winter set in, to being lucky to walk at all. I had a few days where I was not walking outside, after the ice storm and the fine layer of ice that was present everywhere you looked, even managing to ice the snow left from the first normal snowfall, was pretty, but borderline dangerous.

Today, I donned my Ice Bugs (Swedish shoes with studs on them for a better grip on the ice) and went out into the snow. I probably did not need them as the ice and snow are in a melting phase, but I figured, better to be safe than sorry. I managed two miles and would have had more, but I accompanied Sarah and her dog Coach, an Irish retriever, back and left out my third mile leg. I figured that since I was only recently getting one mile and today I was approaching two, that it was a good transition.

We had a power outage yesterday that lasted from 9:15 AM to almost 1:00 PM. It was planned, but the part that surprised me was that it affected us. I had read the village info which explained the tree trimming and a power outage as a part of it, but the area affected was not ours, at least not from what I gleaned from the article. Nonetheless, it got cold in our house despite the fact that it was not super cold outside. We built a nice fire in the fireplace, but it is debatable as to how much warmth we really got from it. We actually got down to the low 60s in the house, depending upon where you happened to be. The higher in the house, the warmer, clearly because heat rises.

I did some work on the infamous Klimt puzzle yesterday. It is, in my estimate, the hardest puzzle we have ever worked on. I am anxious to move on with it, but it is truly daunting so I am thinking we shall continue to get at it when we can. It is not the type of puzzle that you can sit down at and just work at for an afternoon. After a short period of time, I just need to get a away from it. 

Okay, shower and Zoom!

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