On missing Lincoln…


I miss Lincoln already, he is a fun canine to have around. Those eyes…that stare that he gives you when you think that he does not understand…that look of “I don’t get it.” You look at him and you cannot help but like him. I have come to the discovery that I believe he is scamming us all. He refuses to answer to his name, at least for me. He saunters here and there and when you call him, he doesn’t respond. If Stewie is outside with him, he usually will come because somehow, there is some sort of rule of the pack. Mysteriously, he deals quite well with my rules for sitting before eating and being given the command to eat, sitting by the door and waiting to be allowed to go out the open door…he has even learned to ring the bell which Stewie sometimes has trouble with…

The blinds are open today because he went home yesterday afternoon. I feel bad for him as his house is in disarray. There is work being done and his favorite place, the family room, has been cleared of furniture. I guess he will just have to deal with it.

Today, it was easier to walk with just Stewie alone. Lincoln requires a bit more management and time. He needs a short leash and it is helpful to have one with a loop half way down in case you have to have closer control in the vicinity of other dogs. He gets really excited and wants to be with them and play.  Nonetheless, he is a fun and sweet dog. He looks formidable and yet he has funny fears. If I press the button on the reclining aspect of my seat on the family room couch, he will freak out and jump off. Mondays, in our area, are tough for him as we have garbage day. He is nervous around the garbage trucks and the noise they make. If there is a loud noise that is inexplicable, he will often get upset.

So today, we shall miss him. The blinds are open because if they were open while he was here, he would have a good time barking at the passers by. We have many in our neighborhood. Where he lives, the pedestrian traffic has a totally different flavor and their house is set further back as well. He likes to go, when outside, to the gate and look through for dogwalkers and then bark.

It is quiet. Stewie is resting. Stewie can catch up on his sleep.

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