The days of what might have been spring…

Stewie at the mall (Northbrook Court in Northbrook, Illinois).

I say, « What might have been spring » because, well, is this really spring? Fifty or forty degree weather, sometimes less, maybe one day of sixties, or maybe even tipping into the eighties for a weather tease? It is times like this that I long to be in college in southern Ohio and enjoying the warmth of the sun and that promise of a summer to come, but with an actual nice, sunny day that follows another and another. We do not get that north of Chicago.

I have been pretty religious about my drinking more water and also about walking the dog about three miles per day.Today, I did not, because it has been raining all day, but I am hoping that soon I shall. We did go to the Northbrook Court as I just found out that it is open for dogs as well as humans. Stewie was a bit taken aback by it, a bit too excited to the point of pulling the leash, but it is a keeper and next time when threatened, we are walking there.

I have been hankering to get outside and do things in the yard, but it is too darn cold. I want to start getting my citrus trees used to the outside, but it has been too cold.

The ants continue to annoy me, although most of our ant destinations have fizzled to either almost nothing or maybe one or two. One of the destinations has now found my homemade potion of water, sugar, and borax a real attraction and one that will hopefully decimate the colony. I have about twenty ants near our bookcase and they are enjoying their ‘last supper’ of borax laced sugar. I cannot wait to be done with that.

Our yard has never been so green. It looks amazing and the landscapers have been more attentive than in past years by putting peat moss on bald spots and seeding a bit. The floral display has been spectacular with the forsythia and a few daffodils still blooming. The tulips were mess up by deer or squirrels, though.

I cannot wait for spring.

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