Typical winter to summer weather…


As always, Chicago has little, if any, true spring. The other day, we were dying in the intense humidity and heat of the eighties toward the nineties and when we went out in the late afternoon, suddenly the heat changed to cold, necessitating a heater on an outdoor patio where we intended to have dinner with a granddaughter, only to go back in the restaurant.

It has been days since I have written. For years I have pretty much written every day in the blog. I have decided that I am not going to kill myself writing the blog, but will write when it occurs to me. It is not that I don’t have the subjects to cover or discuss as they loom in a maelstrom within my mind, but that I don’t want to pressure myself in an inordinately complicated way.

I am seated outside, finally, and I do say that since the warmth seems to finally have arrived, albeit warmer than we would like, but I should know better and expect that. Breakfast has been al fresco for several days now and I need to pay more attention to the outdoor area.

I am reading two books simultaneously, actually reading one, a book in French, and listening to the other. Listening to books is a new thing for me and I have been enjoying it, listening as I walk the dog, listening as I shower or shave my head, or just feel like it. Listening is easy as I have access to it on my phone and my phone is almost always with me.

Kayaking is on my mind as the weather has changed for the better and yesterday I set the kayak rack on the Subaru Outback. I need to check my kayaking supplies and bag today to make certain that I can head out to the water for a paddle.

Meanwhile, the citrus plants are being transitioned outside; I am carefully trying to help them adjust to the heat and sun and avoid sunburn on their leaves. That is all easier said than done.

The Orangerie (shed turned into playhouse turned into Orangerie) is housing orchids. Maybe I should call it an Orchidry.

My only disappointment in the yard, thus far, is that the perennial hibiscus has not made any sort of reappearance and neither have the two dahlias that have graced our front and back yard for several years now, but I keep hoping…

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