Just another day…

I hate breaking a routine but this is just one of those days.

I awakened to the cold air coming from the window next to me and the banging of the blinds on the window. I really prefer having a cold bedroom but I could have done without the banging of the blind. Nonetheless, I ended up getting up and the first thing I noticed was that the ground was, once again, wet. 

I checked AccuWeather and lo and behold, it was saying that lightning and storms were more than likely. The gloomy aspect of the the gray skies told me to accept that as fact. The other day I was told by AccuWeather that it was not going to rain, and well, it did. 

I fed Stewie and I took him across the street to do his job. He did. I returned home and opened up the Amazon box that was on the doorstep. Thankfully, a new pond aerator that I had ordered last evening had arrived. Late in the afternoon, when I went to clear out the maple tree ‘helicopter’ seeds that had dropped into the pond, I noticed that the two aerators were not functioning and a check of the pump showed that it was not working. I was concerned as aeration is key to the clarity of the pond, something I have been working on. I had put some ‘InstaFix’ into the pond and it depends on aeration to cut the murkiness. The pond was clear all winter but when the rains began and the sediments kept seeping into the pond, the clarity was affected. I checked out what I needed from the website I go on and then went on Amazon as they often have exactly the same items from the same provider. I ordered it on Amazon as I know it will come faster and since we subscribe to Prime, I get free shipping for most items. When I went out before 8:00 am this morning, it was on my stoop. Frankly, I was surprised. I grabbed it, installed it, removed the old one, and installed the two extra aerating balls (I am now up to four from two) and went in the house to make coffee. The rains began anew. Good timing.

I intend to Zoom, then as soon as I am able, to go to the mall with Stewie and walk. I would go at 11:00 but MK has an appointment so I will remain home for the cleaning crew. I may, once they have arrived, get in the car and take Stewie to the mall. I also need to pick up my contact lenses and then I have a Zoom at 4:15 and another at 5:15. 

Just another one of those days.

Standing water and gloom…

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