SDC and the Crawlspace!

Under twelve containers left belonging to us. I shall be whittling these down as well. In the ideal situation, I will keep nothing in this crawlspace and I think that is a workable solution.

The entrance to the crawlspace. This is normally covered by a rolling cart as the tiny room under the stairs is used for a pantry.


My Swedish Death Cleaning, now to be referred to as SDC, got into full force today as I took the time to go in and pretty much finish what I had set out to do, make it less likely that I ever have to go into the space.

I was originally thinking of going up in the garage rafters to pull down a few things to put out on the sidewalk for takers of things we don’t need. I did that as well.

I went into the crawlspace. The crawlspace is divided into two separate portions, the part made of concrete and the other consisting of stones covered with multiple layers of tarps that surround the concrete. I finished up going through the containers and condensed things as well as figure out what needs to go. I then took the containers we have and are going to keep and placed them all on the surface of the concrete. Stuff that I have for the sons is now placed on the western wall of the crawlspace. I took the containers that we were divesting ourselves of and placed them in the car. MK took them to Goodwill. 

I took several children’s and infant’s toys and readied them for the sidewalk this coming Sunday, when we put out the garbage. 

MK started going through the children’s books, we have so many and there are so many that we love, but we really don’t seem to need them and they can be of use to others. She found a place where we can take them and they will then be distributed to kids who don’t have any.

Meanwhile, I have thoroughly been enjoying listening to books and started listening to The Color of Water by James McBride. I am particularly happy about this listen as the reading is done by Andre Braugher and Lainie Kazan. They could not have chosen anyone better. 

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