July 3, 2022



A civilized Aperol Spritz at Ravinia.


July 3rd is a special day. It was the birthday of Mary Kay’s Dad…he would have been 103 years old. It was my parents’ anniversary from 1945. It is the birthday of a good friend. It is also the day when the lindens have unleashed their scent in Deerfield for the first time this year. I almost thought I had missed it. I forgot that I was always home for the 4th of July during the summers I traveled with students and earlier, the lindens were blooming in Europe. Here, our Chicago climate is always behind that of Europe, so July 3rd is about right.

The weather has been warm during the day, not overly hot at night, although we have gotten accustomed to the air conditioning and given my sleep pattern of late, I will do anything to assure a good night. I keep hoping that will change and I have managed to make baby steps in that direction, but there are some things that are inevitable.

Yesterday was dog day at the Koerner’s house as we had three dogs belonging to our sons. The smallest one, Mr. Wiener, is the most devious and once again, he almost completely ripped through the retractable leash when we were not looking (which is hard to fathom since our eyes were pretty much always on him). This is the second one he has destroyed. This time, enough was left on this excessively long leash to have Mary Kay sew it back on. While with the three dogs, we were pretty much always on call. Mr. Wiener is so tiny that he could escape and when his favorite, our son Mikey, leaves, he is bereft. Mikey has recently gotten him interested in a mini tennis ball. I tried to pick up where he left off but Mr. Wiener did not buy in to that. He only wants to fetch the ball for his “daddy.”

I will place my flag outside tomorrow, feeling a little bad about my feelings about it as the far right with their ultra fake patriotism try to adopt it as their own sign. My flag, that I am placing in front of the house, a flag given to my mom for my father’s service during WWII, will fly proudly for a democratic America, a non-judgmental and non-racist America of my dreams and one that I hope will be procured for my children and grandchildren and all of their progeny.

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