We just got home from a wonderful weekend that was supposed to happen during the Pandemic. It was a weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a place that neither Mary Kay nor I had ever visited. It was a  wonderful time. Every so often waves of the unknown as I deal with the strange fact that I am healthy and yet have cancer fly into my mind and disturb the joy I might be otherwise feeling.

I am glad I have the outlet of the blog as I find it cathartic. I found it cathartic when I started it and for many, many years, I posted daily. Of late, I have been posting less, but I am guessing that my posting routine may be changing.

Tomorrow I have to set up a CT scan and also deal with whatever hassles that provides and set up an appointment in three months with my hematologist. 

Enough of this wallowing, MK and I just walked in from the taxi we had from the airport and are figuring out dinner. Our youngest left us with an amazing array of Korean delicacies, but we are saving them for another night…pizza seems to be in order. I went to open a glass of wine and chanced upon, in the almost dark of the no longer DST (Daylight Savings Time) evening, a bottle of Grateful named wine. 

I am grateful. I have been so blessed.

The Pandemic, in all its fury, didn’t do physical damage but it and the world and national issues did do mental damage from a domino effect  and from it we are recovering. We are strong and we shall not succumb (bad choice of words) to it.

The trip was the best thing that could have happened. We chanced upon so many wonderful people who were extremely friendly and we had an experience with the southwest, its peoples, its trials and tribulations, and experienced history at a wonderful UNESCO World Heritage site.

My heart bleeds for all people who are suffering due to the evil that seems to lurk in every generation. People who seem to feel it is their right to put down others and even to the point of harming and killing them. The evil that was unleashed under the tenure of that red devil still looms harshly as we experience the election process.

I have voted. I hope others vote as if their lives depend on it, because the reality is, it does!

I am grateful for the wonderful life this country has given me but I am also ashamed at its inability to accept that it needs to do a better job and it needs to find a way to deal with the disenfranchised and also to take care of its citizens: their health, their education, and ensure that they are not persecuted by racism, sexism, or religion.

Enough thoughts for this day, it is time to hope and pray for a new, kinder future.

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