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Have you ever done some research on your computer, iPad, or even your iPhone only to have it bite you in the behind?  

New to the idea that I am healthy and yet have an invading disease within my body, I clicked on information on Facebook about lymphoma and Roundup, the dreaded product of Monsanto. Not only am I having all sorts of emotions to deal with, I then had to deal with every other Facebook entry being something about the class action lawsuit against Monsanto. I think that I learned my lesson.

I don’t believe I ever used Roundup but my neighbor was an incredible user of every plant chemical under the sun. I gave up pretty much any yard chemical years ago and my vegetation killer is nothing more than a vinegar mix.

It is amazing how the  Social Media algorithms work and how easily it is to be stalked and pestered electronically to the point that you are ready to jump out of the window.

Not wanting to pay attention to all that, I have tried to set it up so I need not see those advertisements. We shall see if that works.

Meanwhile, it is just another day in the neighborhood and I did some work to make sure that our tree lighting with laser projectors is set up for the winter months. I went and picked up the vile little capsule that contains the liquid for the drink I have to take ninety minutes before my CT scan and then thirty minutes before. Sounds like a really good time, next Wednesday.

We then went to the movies where we saw a Julia Roberts and George Clooney, Ticket to Paradise. It is just what the doctor ordered. It is about a divorced couple who just cannot hold it together around each other and who are hell bent on micromanaging their daughter’s life… It was quite entertaining.

It was a nice day.

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