Enough of lymphoma, food poisoning, and less than pleasant aspects of the Pandemic…moving forward…

A reminder of the vibrance of youth: our granddaughter dancing in A Chorus Line after being sick all week with the flu…

It has been one, crazy, end of a year. There have been massive ups and massive downs; overall all is good. Due to the indolence of my lymphoma, as it appears that I have had it for maybe four or five years, and all sorts of other things going on…and then, the icing on the cake, getting a nasty case of food poisoning, this end of the year has been eventful.

It is cold outside and I even managed to slip on the ice this morning. It was a total surprise to me and for that I am thankful. Being a total surprise means that my body did not go rigid and I fell on my right hip without any meaningful hurt. As of today, I have put in 872 miles to  dog walking this year! Given that I am still not totally over my reaction to food poisoning and a nice bout of plantar fasciitis in my left heel, yes, it has been a year.

Enough of that all as I am ready to move on…

I feel that turning seventy was the clincher…my sixties were the years that I noticed being stiffer when I would get up after sitting for a long while; my seventies, however are showing a bit more fatigue and maybe even a slowing down of sorts…

Nonetheless, I am moving forward and excited about the first Christmas all together since the Pandemic. 

Normalizing is what it is all about.

Normal is good. 

Now I just have to get smart enough to know that if it is 0 Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit that I am smart enough to wear my special ice shoes. My Icebugs are he best as they have metal cleats on them and assure a safer trek.

I am still doing Hungarian every day. As of yet, I have still not thrown myself completely in for some reason; the language is so odd and different and I am doing a different approach of it for that reason. I am redoing my Pimsleur 30 lessons for speaking and conversational practice and I am working on building up my vocabulary. I have abandoned Duolingo after 1000 some days of study as it has changed and I am not happy with what they have done.

Okay, moving forward…

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