The Union League Club of Chicago

I don’t get impressed all that easily. Today, for the second time I lunched at the Union League Club of Chicago. I am impressed!

Walking in that very old building alone is to be impressed, the architecture, the décor, the totally put together aspect of it. One immediately has the sense of being thrust deeply into history and power. The place reeks of important decision making and high powered individuals. The surprise, however, is that one doesn’t get the sense that the site takes itself too seriously. Maybe it is just my impression, but it seems like everyone is accepted and appreciated. Maybe it is just that I am wearing the supposedly required “business casual,” although I really don’t know.

It also seems that although this is an important “networking” location, that people are quite possibly here to also be truly philanthropic. The two times I was there we discussed the clubs they sponsor for girls and boys and their successes. Today we also discussed an idea that would benefit kids in the inner city after school.

This place merits a visit and I sure hope to return there soon!

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