Samantha at the theatre!

Seems like this was theatre weekend!

Samantha, Mary Kay, and I had been planning a theatre outing at the Marriott Lincolnshire for a bit. It seems that Samantha is a typical girl and into the “princess” scene. She loves everything “princess” and even a small castle with royal characters that I got for her on a sale shelf holds a special place in her Deerfield play life. She is always having the characters act out special Samantha scenarios.

It turns out that the Marriott has a special showing of Cinderella for the young folk, a shorter version, about an hour and followed by a question and answer session. We took Samantha to that. All week she was talking about it and well, it worked out to be the highlight of all highlights for her.

It is cool to see someone turned on to the theatre and Samantha was quite excited from the start to the finish. We had a light breakfast and then headed out. Samantha was concerned about the seats and about the whole process. We were seated in row E or so and by the aisle, which was great because the activity passed by us at all times. She even brought her wallet and purse and wanted to “pay for it” and was surprised that we had done so for her!

At one point, Samantha was so excited that when the wicked stepsisters ran by us on their way out that she told them what she thought of them, calling them “nasty” and such. The whole “princess” thing was truly alive for her and she stated that she loved the Prince.

There were lots of kids, parents, and grandparents at this thing and the excitement was prevalent. At the end, Samantha said, “Can we do this tomorrow?” As we walked in the door to our house upon our return home she thanked us, with no push, as she often does, for the wonderful theatre moment. Wow!

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