Tuesday, the terrible, wonderful day



It is currently Tuesday, a day that started out with a nasty bang and has swung, like a pendulum, back and forth from awful to magnificent.

Years ago, I might have stuck myself longer in the negative aspects of the day, now I am a bit more go with the flow although I am not sure if Mary Kay agrees with me.

Here is how the day started going awry:
1) I set the coffee to brewing, came back to find that it was having issues, the coffee filter apparatus having been badly placed, thus causing grounds aplenty where they shouldn’t be. In trying to clean it out afterwards (we had to strain our coffee after I stopped the coffee overflow), brown water went everywhere and I could not clean it in the kitchen sink (not large enough) so I took it downstairs, making a mess as I moved from one spot to the other.
2) I thought I had cleaned it all, moved it outside, the major cleaning I had done the other day caused a film left to be released and I thus had to clean out the whole appliance again.
3) WordPress was not working again but as I found out later in the morning when I contacted Christian about it, we figured out that he was perfectly capable of posting and posting pictures as well. I am thinking, “Ah, a Mac issue,” but then I realized that it seemed to be more of a Wi-Fi issue that perhaps our signal is, once again, not consistent and steady and strong, despite our wonderful payments to AT&T U-verse. Tomorrow I shall have to try from upstairs, near the modem.
4) I went outside with the dog and despite our master plan to make sure that we don’t leave any dog droppings, I am amazingly encountering them wherever I walk. This is not enjoyable for me at all.
5) I went to put Stewart on the line in the backyard only to fine the line non-existent. Later in the day I found the line way in the back by the fence. Not much help now, but could have been earlier.

Okay, so the above was not that bad…

The good…despite my not being overly happy about the fact that it IS SUMMER here today, it IS BEAUTIFUL! The dog has been able to be sequestered in the back yard and I can watch him and did as I went about kitchen tasks and Samantha is playing in the back as well while I am free to supervise. The little pool is out and both Samantha and Stewart are enjoying it.

The air conditioning is on but again, the weather outside is spectacular with a beautiful,sunny sky. The weather info says just above eighty, but I am sure it is much higher.

I have been able to attend to little yard needs here and there, I have already removed about twenty-five dandelions. They are pesky but I love to get them the minute they poke their pretty, little, yellow flowers to make me aware of their presence.

Samantha and I at outside next to her little playhouse and enjoyed some French cheese (la Vache qui rit), raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and a pretzel or two all with a glass of nice cold water (and a small pitcher so Samantha can replenish it when she needs to.

So Samantha and I had a relaxing Wednesday, enjoying the bounty that nature is providing, it has been so long since we have been able to truly enjoy our back yard like this.

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