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I am sitting quietly on my patio. It is a mess and not worth cleaning, but it must be noted that it is a mess according to me, therefore not according to everyone else. We are not doing anything about it since Richie shall soon be taking it into his hands and reshaping the lines and look of our outdoor room.

It is surprisingly cool in the shade of the late afternoon, Stewart is mulling around and I just managed to stop him from moving the blockage preventing him from going to the area behind the garage. I said, “laisse-le” since he was attempting to push the obstacle away. It turns out that we may have the only bi-lingual dog in Deerfield as I often speak to him in French. He obviously understands the same way whether it is French, English, or even German. It seems that dogs are pretty much attuned to tones more than the words. We often accompany our verbage with signals, a great thing since Ali was pretty deaf before she passed away and the hand signs were very helpful.

The gin and tonic helps immensely and the fact that I do not have to tutor tonight is a pleasant thought. I have been incredibly busy of late. I had an appointment but it got canceled almost as soon as it was made. It is now reset for Friday afternoon.

The day was long, a beginning at the gym followed by my trek to Des Plaines and tutoring from the moment I pretty much arrived until about 12:30 or so. I also administered a speaking test to one of my students who somehow lost sight of the syllabus and was in Denver not checking his e-mail when I contacted him after the fact and reminded him that the test was not taken. He came in, I gave him a late freebie as I allow all of them (it makes my life so much easier), the only one he has had this semester, and then talked of the essay and the actual second exam. He acted surprised about the second exam but quickly offered to go to the Testing Center and take it and did quite well on it, as a matter of fact.

The after lunch moment was one hour of ESL conversation hour with one attendee and then my last hour of the day was French conversation hour with no takers.

I then fled my surroundings after a wonderful conversation with my Department chair and then went for a most amazing massage with Manuel. I was glad to see him as my last month’s thirty dollar, GroupOn massage was with a replacement as Manuel had suddenly taken ill. Manuel continued working on my sore hip that seems to be pretty much almost completely without any pain and no longer waking me up with the frequency of years past.

Yesterday had been a pretty crazy day and today seemed pretty tame. I had swimming, followed by yoga, followed by a delightful meeting for coffee with four of my former colleagues. We had a great moment, I came home, grabbed a bite and headed to Highland Park to pick up Samantha from ballet. I have to say that craziness loomed around every corner yesterday from kitchen cleanup to taking Samantha and Stewie to the park and then realizing that there was no way to take care of Samantha’s need for a bathroom. That was just one of the things that kept happening all day long. It culminated in my getting a horrible, gut-wrenching pain in my throat, making me think that I was getting a horrible virus again. As it turns out, it surfaced during my first tutoring session and then lasted until I went to bed. The morning came around and it was gone.

Okay, too cold out here, dinner is beckoning as we order Pizza and I need to unwind a little more and maintain the great feeling of kneaded muscles from head to toe.

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