An end of semester Friday


It is the end of the semester and today is the last official class attendance day, although being an online instructor, that does not have tremendous meaning for me. The students in my classes are finishing up, most of them have not taken the final exam of the semester and it is the same for turning in their essays. Most everyone will wait for the last minute and today is the last day for the test and tomorrow is the last day to turn in the essay.

It has been a grueling set of weeks for everyone as we get to the end of the academic year. My weeks have been peppered by tutoring as students are needing extra help as they approach the end of the school year. Normally Friday is an off day for me but I have one tutoring gig before going to a dinner with my department chairman’s French class and a few of my students.

I did my drive yesterday, Sheridan Road that is, and I enjoyed the beauty but was disappointed to almost not be able to see the lake when I reached that special point in Highwood where the view of the lake literally hits you in the face. I truly enjoy the undulating quality of the road as I travel it, taking its curves that mirror the edges of that huge body of water. I realized that although I may not have the mountains and great scenic beauty I crave, that the geography of the region where I have lived is very much a part of my life. Even though I do not actually see the lake every day, it is a part of our lives in so many ways and I think its existence is constantly on our minds. I realize that it is very important part to us.

I keep thinking of the French reaction to the lake. Their concept of lake is so different from what the Great Lakes are. When they see it, they are always surprised as the view of it does not fit into their concept of thoughts on lakes. In fact, the Great Lakes are truly more like Great Seas composed of fresh water because when you see them their size is overwhelming. They are a real quirk of midwest nature and something we just take for granted.

It is raining. I have just graded several essays and one exam. The day is beginning and I have a list of things to do. Another Friday, another paper graded, I cannot wait for the weather to release its wet hold on us and allow us to once again enjoy our outdoor room.

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