The Redwoods

Breakfast was served on the porch and it was difficult to remain warm enough to be there as it was quite cold in the early part of the day. The windows had been open during the night, tough since we are not used to not having screens, and it is supposed to be cool this evening. Right now, during the late afternoon, it is hot, a good hot.

We went in the direction of a state park in Armstrong, having heard from fellow guests that there were redwoods there, not the humongous ones we know of, but huge nonetheless. On our way we stopped at the Petrified Forest site and saw numerous redwoods and one pine in a stony state. The trek in the woods was also well worth the trek. We had lunch in Guerneville and then headed to the Korbel Winery to check out their wines. Following that, we stopped at the Frank Winery right next door to the B&B where we are staying.

Korbel was interesting, our wines were limited to four for tasting. I was surprised by how much better they were than I expected. At the Frank Vineyard, we were charged $20 per person to do the tasting and despite the high quality of the wines, we were a bit disappointed. We had arrived late and they assured us that it was not an issue. The young man who set us up was great. The guy who served us wine seemed disinterested and we think it was due to the late hour.

It is late afternoon, I have showered, and we are headed into St. Helena to the first restaurant we checked out when we arrived. We had lunch there. We are looking forward to another great meal with our great friends.

Friends and getaways, priceless!

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  1. GregPeters says:

    Redwoods are the skyscrapers of the forest, and live for 700 years, and seem to be oblivious to change and the fragile nature of life. I was disappointed in my last trip to Napa despite the beauty and the elegance, as tourist traps who charge unnecessarily were creeping in. And they are not needed, the ambiance is enough to keep returning. Redwoods won’t notice, just a blip in time.

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