Mundane can be good.

The weekend has been exactly that. It has had no great ups and downs. Nothing other than another call from the Nursing Home about my mom but that is another story.

Saturday had us grand parenting by picking up Samantha and taking her to see a movie, in this case, ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.’ It had a decent review and was at least interesting enough to keep me awake the whole time. This was Samantha’s second ‘big screen’ experience and she really seemed to enjoy it.

We came home and she had a good time at dinner and then before going to bed. Stewie spent the time playing ‘sibling’ with her, alternately annoying her and being her all-time best friend ever. Stewart ended up doing his duty by splitting his time between her room and our room by sleeping under the beds.

This morning, I hit the laptop to evaluate my students’ work online and then, after an ‘oven pancake’ we went to Costco to pick up some needed items. We came home, had lunch with the Glencoe Koerners, I took Stewart for about a mile and a half walk, and then I came back and hit the online evaluation stuff again, not having finished it this morning.

Compared to last year, I noticed that we are way behind the transition to colder weather as the trees are not dumping their leaves as early. Last year, by this time, I had already covered the pond. I am trying to hold myself back from planning the retreat from our newly renovated outdoor room; its new status actually makes it easier to store our outdoor elements. I am also finding that it is easier to keep the patio clean, I can actually pull out the electric blower and jet flow the leaves and detritus out of the area behind the house and funnel them through the sidewalk right into the mulched area around the pond.

I am thinking it might be a good idea to go take a shower, pull out my book, and perhaps enjoy some down time. I have not even come near to the Sunday paper, not that the newspaper has had great attraction to me of late. I just cannot concentrate or focus on it as the writing style just pretty and inherent inaccuracies with the English language leave me cold.

Okay, shower…no, wait, I have to take Stewart out to the back yard and see if I can involve him in a little Border Collie tiring activity. He is a little hard to play with, for me with the ball toss an fetching. He has not gotten to understand that he needs to give us the ball or frisbee. He wants to make us work for it…Will he play or won’t he?

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