My sweet addiction

Concord Grapes-2013

Concord Grapes-Spiech Farms-2013

In the early fall there is something I cannot get enough of: concord grapes.

I really do not know what the origin of this addiction is, I think I recall, from my youth, not liking the grapes because of the seeds. I remember how as a kid, virtually all grapes had seeds and that we always had to figure out a way of handling that, either removing them while in the mouth (and then by spitting them out, somewhat awkward) or by de-seeding them with a knife. Neither method was a good one.

Grape jelly? I can take it or leave it; I guess that it, like strawberry jelly, became too boring for me, too common. Give me a good boysenberry or even a raspberry jelly and I am quite happy, even blueberry jelly. Concord grape jelly just does not usually make it.

However, if you make the grapes available to me, I cannot seem to get enough of them. Perhaps part of the mystique, and therefore cause of the desire, is the fact that the window of opportunity to find and eat them is so limited, to the early fall.

A few years ago, I noticed that they were available in the local stores and now I am finding them all over the place. How do I eat them? Seeds and all, that makes it so much easier, a method I had come up with for watermelon as it was too much of a pain to remove the seeds.

Yesterday, I did a little research and found out that concord grapes are really good for you. I was wondering if perhaps my body had a craving for something because of minerals lacking within…it turns out that they are good in lowering blood pressure, in keeping you immune to disease, and in keeping your body tissue young. Wow, I like them and they are good for me.

I will just keep on eating them until they stop putting them on the store shelf, thank you Michigan farmers!

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  1. Lisa Shaw says:

    I am addicted to Speich Farms Concord grapes too! I crave them and can’t seem to get my fill of them! Help Lisa Shaw

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