I ‘Endeavour’ to watch good TV

We don’t watch a ton of TV but we do enjoy shows from the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Of course, our watching is dependent upon our ability to stay awake. Sometimes, as it happened yesterday, our grandchildcare might affect us later in the evening.

The latest show we started, or at least we thought we started, was Endeavour. It is a prequel of the PBS show Inspector Morse.

Our friend, Jack, had asked us if we were watching it, and we said that we weren’t. That changed quickly.

As it turned out, it was tough to find the beginning episodes. We were also not sure how we had missed them. I ended up going to the Deerfield Library and getting the first two seasons on DVD.

As it turns out, we had actually seen a bunch of the first episodes in the first season. We kind of skimmed through a bunch of them.

We are now in season three and although the beginning was great, I am finding the third season easier to follow. I don’t know about most people, but I find that British shows are best with the closed captioning or subtitles. That way if you miss something, you can see it and look it up. It was funny as last night they spoke of ‘touching wood’ for which we would say, ‘knock on wood.’

Another show we have been watching of late on Acorn TV is Bed of Roses, an Australian Production. It is very entertaining: the story of a woman whose husband suddenly dies and she finds out that he was intending to leave her. She ends up returning to her small hometown with her daughter and works on repairing her relationship with her somewhat estranged, eccentric mother.

Then there is the Australian production, A Place to Call Home, whose last season is about to begin on Acorn TV. We cannot wait.

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Ice or Iced Tea?

In the olden days, I always made lots and lots of my grandmother’s iced tea, her version of Arnold Palmer tea, made way before Arnold came up with it. Too bad we didn’t market it way back when. It was delicious, using frozen lemonade, tea bags, a bit of sugar, and lots of water. I don’t make it so much anymore because of the caffeine and the sugar.

Today I am making iced tea, a variant however, that is made in the sun in cold water.

I did have a bit of confusion this morning as I could not decide something that in my youth I knew like the back of my hand? That is whether or not it is ice tea or iced tea. Looking it up, my confusion continues. There did not seem to be a definitive answer.

Back to the sun tea, the other day we were at our eldest son’s house and he served us some sun tea he had made. It turns out that a southern friend had told him to buy Luzianne Tea, a southern staple. Southerners are known for their delicious iced tea, usually sweetened. This tea is amazing and it has been around for a hundred years or so.

So today, after heading to Jewel to find the Luzianne tea, I found our old Sun Tea bottle and set it up in the sun. So, in the intense heat of the day, we shall be able to have a pleasant libation.

Wonderful iced or ice tea!

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You never know when…

Dr. Pagi phlox in the back yard.

I started out my day by going to the dentist for my semi-annual teeth cleaning. I also had a molar that has suffered from my ‘love of crunch.’ I ate some ‘Spanish Mix’ which had some hard things in it and when done, realized my upper left molar was missing a piece.

When I arrived, I noticed that my dentist was looking a little tired, but normal otherwise. I had asked him how he was and he responded in the normal way, not giving details, but led me to believe that he was holding something back.

I pursued it.

In doing so, I found out that he had pretty much died and was resuscitated.

He said that he had recently seen his doctor and was doing well in all areas. He had no reason, other than past heart history, to think anything was wrong. He was brushing his teeth and apparently passed out, pretty much gone. His son performed CPR, the ambulance was called, and the rest was just touch and go. He said to his adult son, “Now I know why I have you living here.”

To make a long story short, he told me that 98% of the people who have happen to them what happened to him don’t survive. He was one of the lucky 2% who managed to pull through.

Once in the hospital, they put him into a drug induced coma and hoped and prayed for the best. His issue was caused by an ‘electrical problem’ which is now taken care of by a pacemaker.

For all practical purposes, he should not be among us and yet, after one week in the hospital and another for convalescence, he was back at work.

All I can say is ‘amazing!’

So, today when you read this, remember that our lives are so fragile and that it is by sure serendipity and luck that we survive.

Carpe Diem!

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Thoughts of Subaru, Compost, Being rear-ended, and broken teeth

My new ‘Nature Bible’ from Mary Reynolds. Check out the film about her ‘Dare to Be Wild’ on Netflix.

We started out the day by taking my car to the garage for service. While returning from Canada (and I thought I heard an inkling of it beforehand), we heard what I correctly recognized as exhaust system issues. I had been waiting for that for some ten years! The car is almost eleven years old, has well over one hundred thousand miles, and the exhaust system has never been touched. I have never owned a car like that before, to say the least although I am kind of guessing that Subaru is not the only auto that has this going for it.

Our other car is in the body shop. Before going to Canada, I was at a standstill as the light was red going north on Waukegan Road in Deerfield and I was directly in front of the fire station. A very nice guy from San Francisco in a rental car rear-ended me. Insurance, thank you State Farm, took care of everything and gave us a loaner car for the duration of the repair.

We are thus down to one car, something I know the future probably portends for us. Personally, I am hoping that it is a long way off.

Today, I took harvested compost and filled the cracks in the back lawn, hoping as Mary Reynolds said, that it would help break down the clay. I thought of it as a great idea since I have a compost barrel of new soil. I then used a hose to wash it into the cracks and watered the parched lawn. I am hoping to fortify it once and for all, as it still has not come totally back from the original patio installation. It has been years of work.

Tomorrow it is the dentist and I will get my teeth cleaned and hopefully my filling repaired as I was eating some wonderful Spanish mix with hard corn and once again cracked a part of a tooth. That stuff is off limits to me now.

It feels like rain. I am on the patio with the beautiful birds attending to the feeders. They are going crazy for food this week. Life is good. Malbor is in his house. YES!

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Getting my Maple Sugar Candy on!

I love maple sugar candy. I have enjoyed it since I was a kid. I am one of those people who look with horror upon people who put what they deem to be maple syrup on their pancakes from bottles reading Mrs. Butterworth or Log Cabin. To me, that is nothing more than a sweet, non-descript syrup manufactured to appeal to a sweet tooth and nothing more. To me, it has not one iota of personality.

Maple syrup is culture and something with a personality. I am guessing that maybe it might even have antioxidants. I am not checking because I fear possibly being disappointed.

When I came into my wife’s family I was shocked by the rampant usage of fake Maple syrup. I was especially amazed since my father-in-law was from the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) and thought nothing of using the counterfeit syrup.

My children were raised on maple syrup, the real thing. We also did that for peanut butter and countless other food items.

I was raised on Peter Pan and Skippy because we didn’t know the true possibilities. I was also raised on having a choice with syrups; we almost always had the real thing in the house. Strangely enough, Ohio has maple sugar festivals and produces the real syrup. You only have to go to Heinen’s in either Ohio or Illinois to find Ohio produced maple syrup. I remember going to the festivals as a kid.

So when I come across the real maple syrup, I buy it. Luckily, I can find it anywhere. When I come across the maple sugar candies, I buy them. I need a yearly fix of the latter. I could have it more often but I am not sure my teeth could tolerate my sweet indiscretions. Stratford, Ontario always makes it a no brainer for me.

Gotta love maple sugar candy!

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