Snaky Snakes and naps

Here he is washing his police car before going next to the fence to retrieve some ‘snaky snakes.’

One of our charges is currently on a bed, attempting to take a nap, or should I say trying to avoid falling asleep. He is not too fond of the idea. He and I had taken down his Pack and Play, or should I say, I dismantled it as he wasn’t interested in helping out with that for whatever reason.

While we were in Germany, we got the message that he was potty trained and that he was no longer in a crib. I was kind of surprised that he was still in his crib as we all knew that he has been capable of escaping it for a long time, but the potty training was a surprise. Our efforts to get him to do that were for naught because he clearly was not ready, but when he was, it happened literally overnight.

We have been watching him via the baby cam, this being the first time he is sleeping on a bed. The bed belonged to my grandfather, who would be 120 years old if he were alive. We were careful to get a protective device to keep him from sliding off of the bed and to do our utmost to make him relaxed. So far, we have told him twice, via the camera system, to get back on the bed, and I have been up once to sing my trio of songs: Twinkle, twinkle, little Star (in French), You are my Sunshine, and Fais Dodo.

Today, while we were outside, I mentioned snaky snakes, his former expression for earthworms and he accepted it. When we came back from Germany, I said that and he looked at me with disdain as he said, « No, Papi, this is a worm. ». I guess he told me.

He is still awake, not sure where this nap is going. Meanwhile, I am the one who needs the nap!

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Reading ADHD

Happy Bastille Day!

I am frustrated with today’s newspapers. I find that I am not able to actually read a lot. I end up skimming, sometimes land on an article, and once in a while, reading it to completion. I am especially frustrated with the local newspapers. I personally find the Tribune of Chicago less than great and I would drop it in a moment’s notice, if it were left to me. I still skim it, but I am more often than not disappointed.

The New York Times is a totally different ball game and if I had my druthers, we would have that daily. As it now is, we get it on Sunday, so that works out relatively well. I still cannot manage to read most of the articles, but I guess that my skimming will just have to do.

The New Yorker is a magazine that I find of great quality. Once again, at my age, I cannot manage to actually read the articles. It is as if I have literature ADD or ADHD. I will say, that as Mary Kay pointed out to me, each copy of the New Yorker and each edition of the Sunday New York Times has at least one amazing article, making it work the acquisition of the piece of news media.

George Soros, a man of Hungarian origin, showed up in the New York Times, was the subject of an article that I actually did completely read. Each Sunday, there is always at least one.

I find that although I have plenty of grammatical bones to pick with the local newspapers, that I have many fewer in the New York media.

Mary Kay is currently perusing the latest edition of the New Yorker and luckily will locate that one article or poem that is a must read. It helps to have a literary assistant.

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Work behind the garage


Behind the garage is the last place I seem to get to in my yard travails. Clearly because it is not under my view at all times, I am less likely to see it and attend to it.

At the present time, it happens to be pretty much the only gardening area in our yard for anything we eat. We have our raised spice bed and within the temporary fence (to keep the dogs out of the mud) we have more raised beds with potatoes we threw out (repurposed). We also have borage and cherry tomatoes growing as well. The largest inhabitant of this area with rain barrels happens to be the raspberry and red currant collection.

This year the raspberries have pretty much grown out of control and I am anxious to see what that brings. The red currant, once a very prolific producer, has been moved and is rebounding from its issues. The rhubarb is another issue. Somehow, it got removed, rhubarb that we had had for years. The replacement rhubarb keeps trying to bolt and is less than great: stringy and tough. I intend to purchase more rhubarb and to add tons of fresh compost from our compost bin. I hanker for our rhubarb crisp.

I hadn’t planned on doing anything in the way back today; I had put things back in the huge Rubbermaid bin originally purchased to keep the raccoons from foraging in the garbage, but when Mikey came over, I started sweeping the leftover helicopter seeds between the garage and the fence and then I took an old plastic garbage can that is still in good condition and started composting the maple seeds in the hope that the intense temperature of composting destroys their ability to grow. Some of them will clearly grow, but I am guessing that most will die and become soft, healthy earth.

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Thoughts on Independence Day 2019

As we approached the 4th of July, I must admit that I have not had the same feelings as I have had in previous years. It just doesn’t feel the same.

I cannot help but think back to my days of being in the classroom teaching adolescents, talking about the preface to Rhinocéros by Eugène Ionesco, and warning that Fascism could happen anywhere and we could take nothing for granted.

Sometimes, it is unpleasant when one realizes that what one has said turns out to be true. Clearly, the American public has been victimized by foreign governments; I have thought that all along; Jimmy Carter’s recent mention of it has brought it to the forefront of my thoughts. We have also, seriously, been unaware, ignorant, and uncaring that there is a huge segment of our population that feels itself on the fringes as if its needs are not being taken care of. Their despair is our national tragedy.

Clearly, I don’t agree with the needs of those human beings who feel so strongly negative about women’s rights, abortion issues, sexuality, equality, guns, and such. I don’t believe we can cater to them any longer. We can, however, do something about making positive changes in the country via education, healthcare, job opportunities, to bring them more into the fold of being responsible, respectful citizens. Our elected officials and we the voters have been remiss.

I grabbed the flag, the flag my mom had for my veteran of WWII dad, that had flown in front of the Naval Building in Washington D.C. and I unfurled it and placed it outside as I have done since I was a kid. My enthusiasm was less than normal, I am truly in a depressed state when I think of our nation, our character, our faults, and our current situation. We could do so much good and yet we are in such a huge, damn rut.

Instead of caring for our individuals, we are spending a large amount of money today to showcase a parade in Washington that is atypical and needless and a total slap in the face to most Americans. Tanks? Really?

Let’s hope and pray that we can properly muster our energy to make changes that benefit each and every American without being at the expense of another.

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Are our community leaders responsive to our problems?

I am sitting on my patio wondering why my recent e-mail to one of the village trustees met with a no response. I sent it before we went to Germany. I realized that this guy is someone I recognized from the Deerfield Park District gym. Needless to say, the next time I am in the gym, I will approach him. In the past, we have spoken to at least two of the six village trustees who, with the mayor, govern our village of Deerfield.

Let me preface this all with the fact that we are in a good place as we have not had harassment , for the most part, in some time. The person who lives next door is seen less and less as his disease seems to be ramping up. The police, when called to check on the continuing changes to the seemingly primitive video cameras with solar power, said that when they were allowed to see what is visible in them, saw next to nothing on our patio. I cannot help but say, however, that I am bothered by the cameras as I sit outside. I feel as if ‘big brother is watching me.’

To deal with the cameras, I have just purchased a feather flag in an American patriotic contemporary flag design that I will place in such a way that if we are in fact visible at all on our patio, that it will not allow viewing us by blocking its view of our yard.

I am disheartened that I did not receive word back from the trustee I wrote in early June. I intend to send e-mails to all of the trustees, copying the one I sent and resending it to the trustee who has not responded. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that perhaps my e-mail ended up in spam. My guess is that not, however; it is clear that our village, like so many others, is not interested in dealing with us since we are anything but the squeaky wheel. Technology has exploded and laws dealing with them have not.

My thought is this, would any of our village trustees sit around and accept having cameras poised at them, their lives, their children and their grandchildren? I think not. Shame on them for not dealing this but I am far from done with them. I just sent an e-mail to the mayor and her trustees.

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