Days 17 and 18 of Covid-19 Confinement

A baby snail on the glass of the container of pond plants I am saving.

Yesterday, day 19 of confinement, my oldest granddaughter released the snails and seaweed into the pond. There are still some tiny snails left and we put water in the jar to give them a chance to grow up. My son pulled the netting protection off the pond and today, day 20, I hope to get the filter and pump running. The pond shows evidence of more than twenty goldfish, one of which has tumors. It makes me wonder why. We also saw tiny fish, so apparently the goldfish were involved in some hanky panky.

Here is the post of days 17 and 18:

One can only be thankful when the old saying that fish and relatives stink after a few days is not true. We have our son and his family here along with their dog. It could be a recipe for disaster but in our case, I think it is making us all stronger and I must admit, selfishly, that I am able to get in some quality French time, especially in regards to my younger grandchild who has been consistently the most resistant and yet probably the one who will shine big time once she takes it on in school.

We have been working on schoolwork with them as we go about our daily routine, at least the routine of the time of Coronavirus. I take both dogs out in the morning and today’s walk was about 1.5 miles and my older granddaughter accompanied me. Unfortunately today was the scene of a small injury to me. I am working on repairing my injuries right now, my tendonitis in the left ankle is almost all gone. To get to that point, I religiously took Aleve for a week, I had a band around my ankle, and I finally gave up my morning pushup and other exercise routine to stop risking pulling the tendon. It seems that almost everything I do impacts it from squatting and getting up, to just stupidly moving an object on the floor with my foot and leg. I get up now on the opposite foot and I have slowed down and it seems to be working. My new injury occurred when Rincon, AKA Lincoln, saw a dog, went crazy, lunged, pulled the leash strangely around my pinkie and voilà, a bruised and now swollen finger. I put cold on it, took Aleve, and will take more.

I did two conversation hours via Zoom today. Surprisingly, the one that is always populated by a lot of people was the lesser populated today, French had two individuals and ESL had one.

MK and I just did some clean up and straightening up and are going to take a walk. It is finally sunnyxa out, albeit cold. I am very happy, however, that I see that the two clematis plants, one red, the other white, are growing. I was afraid that winter might have killed them off. Spring is coming and this Coronavirus has not yet hit its peak. We, as a country, have been harshly hampered by a national government that is irresponsible and has not done its job. I fear for the poor because, invariably, they will pay a heavier price for all of this and yet some of them still think that the national government has their best interests at heart.

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Day 17

It is a dreary, gray, cold morning and we have just had breakfast. The girls (our two granddaughters) are in the family room with their mom doing their e-learning, the education that continues to go on within a framework that doesn’t allow for physical presence in a school. Today, we shall be supplementing with some things as Mom will be online for work. Their dad, our son, is supervising the work going on at his house as well as attending to his job (which actually doesn’t require him to go in every day).

Toilet paper: despite the hoarding of many people and the fact that we didn’t have a large stockpile and have six people in the house, we are okay, MK did find some online. Finding it did take some sleuthing.

This morning, I did find a place to hopefully find flour. We always do a good amount of baking and despite our cache, we are running out. Finding flour is not easy. I did find a location that delivers and she is feverishly working on it since often, if you are not careful, the items disappear from the site as you are attempting to buy them. It looks like this site will allow us to get good meats (Harrison’s Poultry) and other quality items. Apparently, we shall have delivery today. Previous attempts at deliveries from Mariano’s, Heinen’s, and Sunset, are so off in the future, we might have to send our ‘buyer’s’ AKA our son and daughter-in-law.

I was really annoyed at the toilet in the Master Bedroom bathroom, which every so often decides to semi-clog up. It has always been like this. So, it almost overflowed, I caught it, and then the flushing handle broke in two. I rigged up a way to use the chain, adding into it, to the stopper as a stopgap. As an aside, I wasn’t sure whether stopgap was one word or two, Alexa decided that for me. Thanks to Amazon, I got the new flushing handle assembly within a day, a great Kohler replacement. I know we all complain about the inequities within the Amazon corporation, but the other day, we managed to speak to an employee to thank him for being there for us in the bad times, and he thanked us for buying as it keeps him working.

Ah, life in the times of the coronavirus.

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Days 15 and 16 of the Times of Covid-19

Gotta love that Clorox!

It is hard to believe that it has been over two weeks since I have driven or truly even been out in public. Yes, I have been outside, every day in fact, but I have been distanced from everyone and usually either accompanying one of my fellow confinees or one of the dogs.

It was brutally cold in the wind despite the warmer temps the other day and the winds are now gone again. It is relatively gray outside and it is Monday. Sunday was a great day as we had family time, played games: Canasta and others. Canasta was a card game staple of my youth. I really don’t like cards because my mind doesn’t do well with the mathematics it takes to do most games. I can do them but not with enough skill to make it fun. Canasta is different, for some reason and MK decided to look up the rules, many of which I had forgotten. She doesn’t remember our having played, many years ago. It was a lot of fun.

I pulled out the puzzle that we started in Florida last year and were unsuccessful in completing there. I did complete it at home, but it is a challenging puzzle so I was happy to pull it out.

This morning we had e-learning with the girls and my first attempt at having ESL Conversation Hour online. I wanted to use Zoom and switched to Google Hangouts when I heard that was what we were supposed to use. I then found out it was an Oakton version of Google Meet. In any case, the Google Hangouts that I did try was successful for my ‘meeting’ with one individual. As of now, I am still not sure if the others got my message at all, it doesn’t seem possible to verify. So I am switching to Zoom and have it all set up for Wednesday when I shall do two hours: one in ESL and the other in French.

Times are crazy!

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Days 13 and 14 of Confinement in the time of Coronavirus

So MK and I have still not set a foot in a store. We have pretty much been able to keep social distance for the most part from other people and despite the fact that we are six people plus two dogs in a modest bi-level, we are doing well and getting in a good laugh.

It is day 14, a Saturday, and the girls are doing well. The past few days they have been busy making videos, some of which relate the trials and tribulations of confinement and some just sibling related. That has been a great thing to do.

I was pleased that our little tea candle heater worked and then branched off into a very quick talk about Celsius vs. Fahrenheit and how to easily make the conversion. We talked about phototropism with plants since I have plants, like my hibiscus, that need to be turned often. They have been doing work with their mom for school and also exercise as well. Their bikes are here, which helps.

At the present moment, we are waiting for the arrival of a wild and crazy storm that may carry winds as high as fifty miles per hour. Last night, we apparently had a vicious storm that neither Mary Kay nor I heard.

We no longer have a cleaning service as our Polish ladies, who normally come every two weeks, had not come in over a month. They wanted to come right after our confinement and we told them we thought it was a less than great idea. They were miffed, as MK found in the text sent to her. The next day, they called and demanded that we pay them for coming, as they were ready to come. In the rest of the texting discussion, they said that they wanted to have money for each time they would come to keep us on their docket, as the Covid-19 ‘plague’ continue. The way they went about it, hampered by their English language ability, but also allowing a strangely entitled and rude demeanor, was truly very disrespectful so we told them that we were fine with not being on the docket. They really left us in the lurch for a month and there was little explanation for it and not a bit of a being sorry. It happened again and again. First it was just because they needed to change, then it was something health related. MK felt that they had taken on too much and were happy to change our schedule since we were understanding.

As it turned out, we did a half cleaning of the house to go along with our usual maintenance. I did a major cleaning of two bathrooms, MK did the lower level, and our daughter-in-law did the wood floors.

It looks like we shall be doing the cleaning in the future, at least for the time being.

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Days 11 and 12 of Covidconfinement

MK actually found this online.

The sun was shining and we got up and running before eight o’clock. After doing ‘ma toilette,’ I turned down the bed and pillows and opened up the windows. I then went downstairs and got things going, setting up the coffee (in the electric coffee maker for once – we normally use the French Press), and wiping down the counters with antiseptic wipes. I took the modern version of the electric broom and got the crumbs off the floor. One would think that with two dogs that we would not have any.

Once we straightened up and vacuumed a bit, we started to go in all different directions. I somehow ended up outside on a beautiful day and my son requested space in the garage, which was strangely unnecessary since I had already decided that with the warmth of the day, that I would pull the patio furniture out and set up some of it. While doing so, I managed to clean out the garage as well as the leaves on the patio. That created space for the bikes and things that our son and his family brought.

It is already day twelve, as day eleven got away from me. I spent two hours and supposedly exerted five hundered calories (ötszaz kalória) before stopping. The patio is pretty much set and today it is cold.

Our middle son is vomiting but apparently it is the same thing his daughter had so we are not too concerned. There are about one hundred thirty-five cases of coronavirus in our county, Lake county, just north of Cook. Our granddaughter (not one staying with us) had it and it lasted twenty-four hours. We are hoping that it is the same for him. We had seen him but at a social distance.

I have set up my conversation hours at Oakton remotely, we are going to use Google Hangouts. (I wrote this post earlier, today I TRIED to use Google Hangouts and found it not the best. Zoom is for Wednesday).

Oh my, this confinement is far from over. I still have not been to a store. Our first take out was yesterday. We are wiping down package arrivals from Amazon and we, unlike so many, have toilet paper. MK found more somewhere on Amazon the other night.

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