Chomping at the bit

My baby daffodils, a wonderful purchase as they bloom pretty much with the crocuses.

My sad flower bed…

This season, I am chomping at the bit.

I so want to be able to go outside and do something to prepare my yard and my ‘outdoor room’ for the coming summer. This year, doing so is certainly not happening as it usually does time-wise. I have, on my calendar, the date for the set up of the pond in the back. Normally, by now, the pond has been up and running for over a month.

My first part of business is to put wood ash on the lawn, as a fertilizer. I have tons of it and have saved it to put in old paint that I have in order to solidify it to throw out. I recently found out that a small amount of ash is good as fertilizer.

I also plan to set up the pond and put Epsom salt around my roses, doing so makes the leaves a beautiful bright green as the salts apparently do something to the roots and making them more capable of getting the proper nutrients.

The minute it warms up, I am moving currant bushes from under the eaves of the garage. When we changed the garage roof and put gutters on, it sent all of water to back and its downspouts. It is now too wet back there for them.

I am so interested in uncovering our furniture and setting up our outdoor room. The furniture is currently taking up space in the garage. Luckily, I have managed to create room for at least one of our cars and that is mine, which is more susceptible to cold weather. When I say, ‘susceptible,’ I mean the low profile tires, which in the severe cold, lose air. This past winter, as cold as it was, had me filling the tires only once. That is a record for me.

It is April and the forsythia has not yet bloomed and the daffodils are still doing pretty much nothing. The only daffodils that bloomed were my baby daffodils that bloomed in the front flowerbeds.

It is time for spring. Let’s actually have one!

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Spring, we need you!

My baby daffodils, a wonderful purchase as they bloom pretty much with the crocuses.

I am tired of writing about the weather.

I am sitting, writing, and wondering why the view of the out of doors is so startling beautiful. I am also wondering why it is so cold.

I am avoiding the inevitable, taking the canine out for a walk. I fed him and now he is chomping the bit as I procrastinate and avoid putting on all of my winter clothing to brave the cold and walk him around the block.

I have things to do and I need to get on with it, yet I cannot muster the energy to put on my coat, hat, and gloves to go outside.

The sun is shining.

The sky is blue with some clouds.

I need to face it. That certainly is better than a horrible, rainy day.

Spring, please come. We need you.

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Les Derniers Jours de Nos Pères by Joël Dicker

Les derniers jours de nos pèresLes derniers jours de nos pères by Joël Dicker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book, although I recognize that as this wonderful author’s first book, that it wasn’t perhaps, his best. It was an interesting look at a part of World War II that I know little about, that of French people being recruited, going to England, and becoming officers in the British military and used to do espionnage work in France. The relationships between the various people, as they arrive at the training location in England and work through the program, is fascinating. The reader sees them mature as seasoned officers and working multiple tours on the continent. Nonetheless, Joël Dicker has me hooked and I only have his newest book to read, having read all the others. I will not miss that one either. This is a great, new author, and thankfully one who writes not only in his native French, but also has had his works translated into English, Spanish, and Italian. Joël Dicker, when are you coming to the United States?

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Is spring not happening in Chicago this year?

Our Denon receiver pulled out of its space and with a fan on top.

I know that I have said this before, but it does not feel at all like April.

I walked Stewie this morning and it was six degrees colder than freezing and it was cold. Luckily, it was not windy, but sunny with blue skies, so it was more tolerable. Nonetheless, by the time I got home, I was feeling the cold.

It scares me to think that the spring may have sprung in that it will be a typical Chicago spring transition. That means the spring will not really occur and the winter will just go straight into summer.

I prefer some spring, as I think most do, but we do not have the control here.

It is one cold weekend and I am glad that the heat is working.

Heat has been an issue the past few days as our Entertainment System receiver has been on the fritz. We are watching TV when all of a sudden the receiver turns off. We have had to turn it back on numerous times. Research tells us that it may be an issue with the speaker wires and I have thus checked them many times. The latest is that either there is some internal issue or it is overheating as apparently many receivers do. Of course we now know that it is in a space that is smaller than the manufacturers prefer. We think we may have to buy a fan to keep it cool and therefore on.

There is always something.

Maybe we can turn our house heat down lower and allow this to do the work!

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The Deerfield Swing

I don’t know why I am so fascinated with this swing.

I generally really like things that look perfect, that are in perfect condition, that are perfectly finished with varnish or a fresh coat of paint.

This swing is not like that.

This swing has character. It is like the ‘Velveteen Rabbit’ and looks as if it has endured time, has had better days, but was used for its purpose. To be honest, I have never seen a single person ever use it.

Nonetheless, it is perfect.

It is in a great location, in front of one of the homes on my street that I really admire. I have been inside this house, but it was many years ago. It is a typical home of the fifties, as is my home, and added on to, as some of the still remaining homes. I say, ‘still remaining’ since so many of the homes have been removed to build the infamous ‘McMansions.’

The home takes up most or much of the property on which it sits and does it with great power. It was added on to by a person with great creativity. I remember being invited to a party there and seeing the powder room which had brushes and cans of paint and asked you to add something to the décor. I thought how strange to give up the control of the room’s appearance, something I would find hard to do, and yet how really cool it was.

Each day I pass it, I think of that and I see that swing. It is unused, and yet perhaps one of the best articles of decoration because it is made of beautiful, natural elements and it is simple, and strangely elegant. I can visualize someone in a prom or wedding gown sitting on it in that nicely landscaped, front yard setting, for a beautiful, formal photo.

Strange where my mind goes…

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