Snow and more snow

The snowpile behind the house. We have had over twelve inches, from the looks of it.

Of course the major snowfall coincides with the flu. That kind of makes it harder to keep up with. Our son’s snow removal has removed the snow from the front but we still have to get the cars out of the back and through the snow we have there. That means that we have to remove it first.

At this point, it is the old problem of ‘where does one even put the snow?’ In order to clear it, one has to find a location to put it. At this point, the spots utilized are piled so high that it is almost impossible to get the snow up on top. Add into that, I was not the one selecting locations, since I was virally prevented from shoveling, so some of my prime locations in times like this do not even exist.

For example, I always save a spot between the garage and the fence. That spot is empty but the area adjacent to it is so high I cannot get at it.

The biggest issue I found is that my hands are freezing. Within minutes, my fingertips were feeling the pain of the less than twenty-degree temperatures. That is a less than pleasant feeling.

I slept well, as I have been for the last few days, usually only waking up once toward the early morning. My only issue last night was that I woke up several hours after going to bed and awakened to sweats and needing to change my clothing. I am hoping that that is the last of those moments in this virus.

This has been some snowfall. We had been lulled into believing that the snowfalls were going to continually avoid us and go elsewhere. This time, it was real.

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Moon for the Misbegotten by Eugene O’Neill

I am trying to wrap my head around the production of ‘Moon of the Misbegotten,’ a Eugene O’Neil play we saw on Friday evening in Glencoe at Writers Theatre. I never fell asleep, never dozed off, but perhaps that is more due to the extreme amount of time I have spent resting, due to the viral fight I had this past week. The play is long, a good three hours with two intermissions and there were certainly enough moments where I could have nodded off. I did not.

Nonetheless, I found that there was something truly lacking in the production. If it wasn’t the play itself, which it may well have been, there had to be something missing that prevented a good audience connection.

I felt that the actors were good. I liked them all. If anything, the actor playing James Tyrone, Jr., may present the key to not fulfilling the role of the acting glue that might have pulled it all together. I definitely understood Josie, the woman in love with this alcoholic mess of a man, her portrayal of feelings and confused sentiments made perfect sense to me. Tyrone’s acting, clearly ‘affected by the bottle’ was less clear in motivation and intention, in my estimate.

During the play, I continued to wait for some sort of clarity as to where we were going and for some sort of moment when something of import would happen.

That did not occur and perhaps that was Eugene O’Neill’s point. The hopelessness of the situation for poor people and that no matter what they try, the impossible scenario can just not get better. Add into that the mystery and sadness of a life under the cloud of alcoholism.

I did like the fact that this play was done with a majority African American cast, as that is a very appropriate choice. Again, as actors, I liked them all; it just seemed to have been lacking some gel to make it all truly come together. This doesn’t often happen at Writers Theatre.

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Cream of Wheat and thoughts on organization

A little hard to see, but the large metal spoon is in the bowl and leaning on the interior of the spout. There is a soup bowl on top. The soup bowl serves as a spoon rest while I am preparing the breakfast.

The containers with lids.

I woke up ‘sans fièvre,’ which was a special treat. Even after a few sips of coffee, the hated thermometer pointed out that I was still ‘cool headed.’ After over four days of a low-grade situation, it seems as though I am on the mend. I cannot help but think that the flu shot I had prevented me from an even worse situation. Nonetheless, I am down 6 lbs. from before the onset.

I feel way better and now it is just a question of how to stop myself from overdoing it.

I decided to make some Cream of Wheat (which we usually call ‘Farina’) and in doing so realized that so much of what I do comes with some sort of organizational edge.

I took my ‘Pyrex’ bowl, a large metal spoon, and one of our soup bowls. I hate mess and do my best to avoid it when I can. I place the soup bowl on the counter and place the spoon in it as I am making the Cream of Wheat in the microwave. I remove the Pyrex every few minutes to stir it; otherwise it will clump. When it is done, I put the spoon in the Cream of wheat, leaning it on the pouring spout and put the bowl on top. It stays warm and can simply be transported to the table. There is little mess and a lot of convenience.

As I was cleaning up the kitchen, mentally limiting what I was going to do, I noticed the containers we have for food storage. Despite my efforts, we invariably have the same situation with food storage containers as one often has with socks, disappearance. I try to fight this by putting the washed and dried containers together so that when we are looking for a container, we find the whole thing ready to use.

Organization and the ability to find what one needs is always on my mental docket.

I must really be feeling better; I just need to stop myself from overdoing it.

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Bedroom reorganization

I attacked the corner bedroom, something that I have been meaning to do for some time. This is a bedroom that still has one of our son’s stuff in it. I decided that it was time to at least make the room ours, even if we had to have extra property in there.

It took me from morning until early afternoon. I cleaned and consolidated and put some of the musical elements he owns away. Away means crawl space.

I redid some of the Elfa shelving in the closet to make it a little easier. We are now able to put more of our things in there. The room was, back in the day, the room that I prepared for grandkids. That was around eight years ago, when our oldest granddaughter was born. Our youngest moved back in and although we have naps in there, it was used by our son for a few years. He has since moved out but cannot yet take his things.

I decided to make the best of it.

Of course, after doing all of my reorganization and cleaning, and changing out of the light fixture in the closet, I realized that the paint in the room, which I had newly done some eight years ago, is in need of refreshing.


For right now, it looks really good and I am glad that I made the investment of reorganizing and cleaning.

One of these days I will learn how to take the day off.

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Wednesday morning

It is cold in the house when you get up too early.

Not having done much yesterday means that I did not tire myself out that much and although I really did not nap, I ended up waking up around 5:30 AM. MK was on snow patrol, needing to touch base with our snow-removing sons. She got up to see what was going on and see whether or not she had to help take the little ones to the babysitter. Although we did not get two inches, there are people who want and need removal even it there is an inch. There are also commercial lots that need salting. Although I didn’t need to get up, I was up and that was just enough to keep me up.

The guys were out at 4:00 AM, apparently, and after salting, were going to take care of the list of under two inches of snow people next.

It is close to 7:00 AM and the heat started ramping up, taking the bi-level house from 53 degrees on the main level into the high sixties. I am on the lowest level so I have to say it was pretty cold, thank goodness for wool blankets.

I got an e-mail from an ESL Conversation Hour attendee asking for some English help and I did that immediately. She is experiencing the bullying of her four-year-old daughter in pre-school and needed help to make a strong statement. Involved here is pinching, being called names, being asked to be mean to other kids, and being told by the older kid that ‘if she eats popcorn, she is going to die.’ I acted on that task immediately; there is nothing worse than bullying at any age.

I think I may read my book now; hopefully I will be able to concentrate on it.

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