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The days move on and we do our best to go forward. I cannot help but think that there is hope. It seems to me that our founding fathers did a pretty good job of working to avoid the inevitable … Continue reading

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My first uneasy voting day

I am glad that we are busy this voting day. I am equally glad that we have already voted. I am not glad about waiting to find out the results. It is an uneasy time, wondering whether intelligence wins out … Continue reading

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Où somme-nous? Where are we? Bilingual Pre-election thoughts

Je suis assis derrière la maison, sur la terrasse, et j’entends des mots de musique qui me troublent. On parle du drapeau américain et malheureusement c’est de la musique choisie par le voisin, trop forte, afin d’embêter les autres. Je … Continue reading

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