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Moved back to koernerr.wordpress.com. This site will be open until March 8, 2024. Hope to see you move with me! I am posting daily.

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Poor Stewie


BLOG 4684 – Feb 12 2024 – Poor Stewie!

Note: Please go, from now on to: koernerr.wordpress.com as this location is disappearing.

Stewie has had a hard time of it lately. He decided a bit ago, at the age of 11 to not go on a long walk. I was letting him off and allowing him to go in the back yard. That was never a problem but he has been getting into something and then getting sick…of course, in the house. Let’s just say that it was from both ends. The new routine is a half mile walk in the morning and evening with limited time in the yard. His diet is more varied now, not just kibble but also things like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, some berries, and such.

Add into all this that Stewie now has a hot spot on a cyst on his paw. He has been licking it and it is impossible to keep him from doing so. We visited the doctor and are more prepared for the digestive issues and also for the hot spot. Yesterday, we got an inflatable donut that keeps him from reaching his paw too easily. I still have it bound with some aerated gauze (he was yanking it down before) and it has improved since yesterday. It is not a fun time.


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Keep it short and sweet. I have feverishly been copying and pasting to back up my blog. In the beginning, I word processed each blogpost and saved (for 1000 posts). Then I stopped. I am sorry that I did not continue this process. I have thus a price to pay. For backing up the rest, I have done a major backup into a format that is seemingly unusable to me, so I have resorted to copying and pasting for an easier, more readily readable format. Unfortunately, it is very time consuming and tedious. I copy about one hundred or so into a Pages document which I will then convert to Microsoft Word and save on my external hard drive. Since I have over 4500 posts, it has taken a while. Yesterday, I arrived at post 4000, after doing about 300 a day for the previous days. It is a crazy, very Rich Koerner-like thing to do. It is an obsession that I cannot explain.

What this all means is that I shall be shutting down this site very, very soon and going to koernerr.wordpress.com to continue my blog.

Copying and pasting my blogposts has been a good and a bad thing. Good in that I have seen what I am doing and seeing a repetition of subjects that is sometimes too much, in my estimate. I see trends and thoughts and I read between the lines to see what I had going on in my mind. Since there are things I cannot put in a blog for various reasons, I did sometimes write with more than one thing in mind. My stories, however, were all real. I did not make up things in order to provide areas to read between the lines.

Our family is basically very happy. We are proud of who we are and what we have and will continue to accomplish. We have also, unbeknownst to most readers, been through some very heavy stuff that is not actually put into words. Paraphrased from the novels of Louise Penny and Inspector Gamache: what is broken and put back together becomes stronger.

We are stronger and we refuse to be broken.

A bit of a nemesis and a strange bit of love, the unbelievably strong and resilient dandelion that I still keep out of my yard but admire elsewhere.


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Time to switch coming soon to my new blog address

Found today, February 7, growing outside despite the cold winter temperatures, a primrose desperately trying to succeed. A good omen…

Okay, so I am saying new blog address but in fact it is old.


This was my original blog going back to 2008, I believe. That is where I am going, I am going home. I want to blog more as I need what it provides me but I am not willing to pay what I find to be skyrocketing amounts for the service of having it on my own domain.

Here is the latest post from the original blog from last week or so:

The blahs of winter

I am currently working at saving my 4.5 K’s worth of blogposts from http://www.richardjkoerner.com as a backup. I am finding that I am blogging less these days and that, perhaps, it is best that I not continue to pay for an expensive site. We shall see how this works out. It saddens me that I will probably not be able to add photos, but maybe I will manage to find a solution to that. Meanwhile, I continue to plod through life and of late spend a lot of time cutting and pasting. It has been quite an experience as I am seeing the work that I have put forth for so many years in my blog and look at what has happened in my life as I am doing so. There is a certain clarity that comes with the review of the past and I now see things that I should have seen at the time. There is much of which I cannot blog and I cannot even explain to the reader why. My intent is to lessen suffering as opposed to adding to it. We will just have to let it go at that. If you know me well, you know whereof I speak. KISS. I will keep this simple and sweet.

I have been feverishly copying about 300 blogposts a day to save on an special hard drive I have. I cannot imagine anyone will ever want to see them, but one never knows. In it, there are all sorts of things: the Pandemic, the elections, and bits of our personal lives. I have constantly held back from writing much of what I would like because of concerns for familial privacy and to prevent more trauma than all of the current situations have provided. Nonetheless, I will look forward to personal catharsis in this pretty much personal journal.

I am currently at about 3300 backed up posts and am doing, when I can, about 300 backups per day. It is quite the tedious project I have assigned myself. It is going relatively well. For the near future, this blog will survive, but I will soon go over to the totally wordpress site.

Thanks for joining me and I hope you will join me soon on the new (yet older) blogpage:


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To blog or not to blog…and other thoughts

It has been a bit of a busy week. On Tuesday, our decision to make a redo of our bedroom came to be. On Instagram, I had spied a wonderful platform bed made in Viet Nam of Acacia wood using Japanese engineering. Ordered on Friday and delivered completely on the following Tuesday and coming from Canada, our decision to ditch our Queen sized bed and opt for a King sized one came to be.  The bed was like a puzzle piece as it used no tools, not even a rubber mallet. No screws or metal in sight and two seventy something people got it all upstairs into the primary bedroom and installed it. Once the hybrid mattress of the older coil technology and the newer memory foam was unleashed from its tight plastic packaging, it unfurled and took in air and expanded to full size. The platform bed is way lower than our older, 1946, solid Mahogany Davis Cabinet Company of Nashville, Tennessee bed, which was converted from a full size to a Queen size when we got it after the death of my grandmother. We have had it for well over forty years.

The weather is strange and I have not been walking for the last few days, changing instead to using MK’s recumbent bike in the lower level of the house. I had been walking Stewie, who is showing signs of aging and become a Grandpa-like dog, about a mile a day and this icy weather has put a hold on that for the moment.

I am seriously thinking of calling it quits to the blog as I have found myself less likely to do the posts that for so long occurred each and every day. Ironically, I started it for catharsis and little did I know that catharsis would be what I would need as I have approached this very moment. As much as I would like to unload as to why I need catharsis, I am not at liberty to do so. I would like to but the ramifications for this unveiling are something I am not willing to risk.

The next few days may well be some soul searching to see where I go with this.

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