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A fine state of affairs

It is tough getting through a day and even tougher if one watches the news. Evil and sadness are everywhere. Wars and chaos and political insanity seems to be the rule of the day. It is such that I have … Continue reading

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Juneteenth, Wheeling, and Grandchildren

Juneteenth is a Federal holiday. Interesting to see how the government explains and promotes it. I am not saying that a parade is necessary and the only reason I say that is that it is, perhaps, would it be another … Continue reading

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Bradley Fields, my academics before high school, and a trip to NYC

I am not sure how I even met, Bradley Fields. I think it was because I was friends with a young man, named Dale Druckenbrod. I knew Dale from Junior High School. I had gone to school in Parma, Ohio … Continue reading

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  Immunity. Does it exist? As we watch Darwin’s philosophy in action, as we see the horrible occurrences in states of our union and what happens when people don’t get vaccinated, many of us sit back and try to wrap … Continue reading

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Disposable People

It occurs to me as I look back at history and at current history as well that there is a sizable portion of individuals, not even human beings, who believe that other human beings have lives that are disposable. One … Continue reading

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