Deerfield / IL / États-Unis - 12/4/16

The snow was promised, and for once it came. Untrusting of the meteorologists as I am, I was a bit surprised. Meteorologists are a part of the media and frankly, given recent country events, I am even less trusting than ever of all of them. All they want to do is hype anything and everything and in doing so, invariably inflict damage.

I would say that we had about four good inches of snow, but due to the temps, it compacted to make a less than two inches, but a powerful two inches at that. I went out twice to remove the stuff and it was slippery, very wet, and heavier than all get out.

It was melting, and one would think that it would melt completely, but I have learned in the Midwest and specifically in Chicago, that that is a gamble because if it gets colder and freezes, it can be annoying for a long time.

My Sunday was way busier than planned since I ended up with a Christmas tree and a decorating job. The good news is that now we are pretty much all set up. This is way earlier than normal.

What’s left? Cookies.

The Date Nut bars that I intended to make are nothing more than a thought in my head, somehow being relegated to the ‘To Do’ list. If I want to survive the Christmas season, we also need to have Russian Teacakes, Spritz cookies, and that is just my contribution.

Monday, after Oakton and a trip to the gym, yes, to the gym, I headed over to see our granddaughter after her tonsillectomy. She is doing well; we are all very pleased as it made sleep less than wonderful on Sunday night.

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