The snow is gone from our lawn, not as shown here, but not from the lawns on the western side of our street.

The snow is gone from our lawn, not as shown here, but not from the lawns on the western side of our street.

I woke up early after what I deem to be intensely satisfying sleep. I awoke and there was no returning to slumber land. In spite of it, I managed to be slower in my attempt to move out of the house and get on with the day.

I arrived at destination around 6:45 AM, ready to sit quietly and wait for my charges to awaken so that I could take them to the babysitter. I was in for a surprise as I parked the car on the street (usually, I park in the driveway, but the trucks were still there.

It is almost 9:00 AM and I am sipping a latte at the wonderful café, ‘Tous les Jours.’ I bought an almond bakery item and some croissants for tomorrow. It is freezing cold outside, well below freezing.

My youngest charge, when I arrived, was crying. He was dressed and set to go. He was not happy, not happy at all, and my son made a bottle for him and he literally devoured it. His sister was up as well, a really strange occurrence. In talking to others, I realized that a lot of people were awakened early on this day, without necessarily wanting to.

I must admit that women are way more talented in the area of dealing with situations like this, quickly able to prioritize and act, able to deal with things that were not going their way and flexible in finding alternatives. I quickly realized that my car was on the street so I had to decide if it was better to drag the kids out there or make them safe within the house so I could move the car. I opted for the former.

Since it was so cold out, I was very happy that I had made sure that the car was warm, but I still had to get them there. I put the youngest in his down parka, something he detests, so he was not a happy camper. I searched for the older’s warm hat and could not find it, so I knew I had to rely on the hood. That didn’t go well as she cried all the way to the car (with a blanket covering his entire car seat), but luckily her brother stopped. Once in the car and all settled in, everything got quiet. Both of them were mesmerized by the ride and the youngest even actually fell asleep, something he generally does not do for the short ride.

Arrived at destination, all was well, the youngest asleep, the older one happy to have breakfast, a win. Meanwhile, I survived, and to me, that is success!

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