Trees and their mess!

Don’t get me wrong, I love trees, I fell in love with the house I am in because of the trees. We have a honey locust and silver maple in the front and a honey locust in back. They provide great shade and along with that a huge mess.

Most people now who have trees are not complaining, but my honey locusts are dropping little leaves and some sort of honey locust floral mess all over the patio. Each time we go out we have to sweep off the patio (or in my case blow it off) and clean the cushions. It is hard to believe.

The trees used to be incredibly difficult with the gutters, as there are two trees, both locusts that have their branch spans over the roof. The tiny leaf segments and the twigs that connect them as well as the floral spring mess would absolutely clog up the gutters. Despite my feeling that there is no such thing as a gutter guard, I am now corrected as the new gutter guards pretty much help me completely avoid putting up my ladder and coming close to killing myself.

Okay, so the incline on my roof is almost nothing, but MK has made it known that ‘at my age’ I should no longer go up there unless someone is at home. I told her that I take my cellphone, just in case.

Luckily, I have little reason to go up there these days.

Now, my tree mess is much better left to the patio and my battery-operated blower.

Unfortunately, the blower does little for cleaning the mess out of the pond, for that I have to use a pool skimmer.

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