Avoiding the dogwalk!

Okay, I was going to go out with Stewart and Lincoln. Suffice it to say, the warning that showed up on my Apple watch was enough to stop that idea. No sooner did I put on my watch that a warning came up, in French mind you, that the conditions were icy not only for driving but also for walking.

I did the test.

I sacrificed my own dog for the good of humankind and to avoid the sudden breaking of bones. Yes, I do have my Ice Bugs, but I don’t want to be careless. I sent the dogs out back for their consitutional and then when they came in, I sent Stewie out the front. Of course, didn’t he first go into the neighbor’s yard to the north, as he has been of late, but I corraled him with my voice. I then sent him flying toward the street as I yelled, “le journal!”

Stewie flew toward the street and phone in hand, I caught the action as he propelled like a black and white bullet. I was wondering what would happen and what I expected did, although it was not as slippery as I would have thought. He did slide toward the street, but not as much as he had last week when I was too groggy to think of taking a video.

The bigger question is, shall I somehow find it in me to walk them later if it warms up a bit?  That remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the coffee is being sipped and the memories of Mary Kay’s family’s Swedish rye bread are firmly ensconced in the gray matter. Today, it was defrosted and lightly toasted and slathered with Costco’s Kirkland’s natural peanut butter. Is there a better way to start the day? Not for me!

On another note, I am thoroughly enjoying reading Martin Walker’s Bruno series. I am on, I think, the twelfth in the series, and after several more complex reads, I am really enjoying it. I highly recommend it.

Stay warm. It is not super cold but the humidity outside makes it feel much colder.

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