This has been a week!

Some weeks are special, out of the ordinary, and maybe even a bit shocking.

This week had several surprises, none of which was pleasant: finding out that the pond devices were still running and that the twenty-five goldfish were in about six inches of water was one. The second one was having a dog-sitting day and evening begin with a skunk spraying. Neither event was planned nor wanted, yet, that is life, take it or leave it and well, I am taking it.

I will say that I was not prepared to take events like these well; my preparation was that if something bad is going to happen, it will happen to me. I have had the luxury of my hard work paying off and being well set enough that I can deal with these events and move on, something for whch my parents’ generation did not have the luxury.

I am sitting on the patio right now and the smell of skunk is wafting by every so often. The interior of the house has our little German incense purveyors doing their job. This morning, when Mr. Wiener came into the bathroom with me, the first thing I noted was the wafting of the skunk odor emanating from his frightening face spray encounter with the black and white animal. Then, to my surprise, or maybe I should temper that since I expected it, he lifted his leg and peed on the shower curtain despite being diapered, as he has to be in our house, liking, as he does, to mark his territory. Yes, somehow, he managed to do that while wearing a diaper. Despite it all, this almost makes me laugh. Is there something wrong with me? Many people would say a resounding, « YES! »

I am sitting on the patio, having read the New York Times Sunday edition, listening to the air conditioning purr and wondering if the weather will allow us to see Sting at Ravinia tonight, and laughing to myself about the weekend thus far. The pond survived the early in the week emptying and the chlorinated water I put back in after solving the problem of the filter leak (the clamp was somehow opened by, I think, an animal running by) and thus the water pumped in made a quick exit), did not harm the goldfish. The skunking of the two dogs was a blip on the screen and I am so glad that Lauren of Pet Supplies Plus was able to take them in and give them a nice dog wash and perfuming. Okay, so it did cost $100, but it was worth it.

Life is good.

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