Bunnies and clematis

The bunnies are everywhere. The chipmunks and squirrels are less prevalent in our yard as we have taken down the bird feeders that were filled with sunflower seeds. The yard is less messy and there is less chance of bringing the black and white animal we all detest, the skunk. In recent years, the skunks have been awful. I find it interesting how it all goes in cycles. For years, skunks were never seen, nor were deer. For years, we fought with the raccoons and now we see nary a raccoon. We even had a possum that wanted to take up residence in our garage. Clearly, the coyotes are not around now either and we used to see them everywhere.

I have heard all sorts of complaints of dog owners and the bunnies as the bunnies are in nests and the dogs find them and the resulting situation is not pretty.

The clematis situation is interesting as well. The blooms are nothing like they were in previous years, but they are blooming.

Monday is a day of getting back to normal. The weekend was busy, exciting, and tiring. Today we are getting our sixth COVID booster.

We have the hummingbirds back: two this year to be exact. It seems that we have a male and a female, if I am correct in their designation. One is brightly colored and the other is not so brightly colored.

The milkweed has been growing like a weed and in the small plot by the door I have been cutting down the extras as they are definitely trying to take over the plot. They are in competition with the clematis so I don’t know if that is an issue. I will have to google that. The milkweed is about to bloom. I will allow a few to bloom to see if anyone wants some seeds and the rest will end up being cut off.

My mom’s coral bells are spectacular and her poppies are populous. They have decided that the DMZ, where it was formerly not allowed for anything to grow, since the malbor had clearly poisoned the earth, the poppies are voluminous. I am anxious to see them bloom.

The day is hazy and I am wondering if it is due to the fires in Canada, of which we have pretty much heard nothing. What is that all about?


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