Motivating myself

Motivating myself is tough.

I normally don’t have issues with it. Since the Pandemic began, life went crazy in so many areas. Now, a mask is still de rigueur with me if I am in a really public location. I am probably being overcautious but I was told that with my recent health information and having indolent lymphoma, that I am technically immune compromised. Seriously, that one was a huge surprise.

My sleeping has been hampered for some time. I finally feel as if I am doing a better job at counteracting the numerous times I was getting up during the night. Strangely enough, taking antihistamines for my post-nasal drip and using an eye mask (I never would have believed that) has helped. I think it was all in my head. My body seems so programmed to get moving with any small amount of light.

Today, I started out my day feeling a bit rushed. I was intending to do my usual blogging during breakfast but breakfast somehow came under attack as the Air Fryer / Toaster oven / Convection oven was not functioning. In checking out the plug, I realized that it looked frightfully damage and maybe even dangerous. I didn’t know if replacing it would solve the issue, but after Zoom I went to the local Mutual Hardware Store in the area and spent about $4 to get a new plug. I came home and cut off the old one and installed the new plug. Fortunately, it worked. We are back in the business of toast.

Tonight, we have the graduation of our oldest granddaughter from 8th grade. I managed to do a few things around the yard, clipping off one of the many shoots of milkweed that is trying to take over a flowerbed. I skimmed off the goldfish pond and put more water in. I also took the photos you see above. I guess maybe I have been more productive than I actually thought.

Both dogs (ours and our son’s) are snoozing, one in the sun, one in the shade. It is surprising that the temps are so cool as we sit under the patio umbrella. It is much nicer in the sun.

Ah, Thursday.

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