I was told to pinch the dahlias more strongly than I would normally do. I did. Unfortunately, there was a bud on the end of at least one of the pinches. Like my mom before me and probably my maternal grandmother, I put the greens in water, not sure what might happen. So far, the greenery is alive and the bud is still looking as if it is going to try hard and open, even if it is not the usual bloom.

Dahlias are tricky in our yard because of the trees and the incompletely sunny places we have. Nonetheless, we have had two dahlias that, although perhaps not performing as they normally would under completely sunny conditions, have provided us with some beautiful blooms. Even better, the dahlias that normally either have to be pulled from the ground (the tubers, that is) or suffer death from the cold have survived almost four years. The one in front is gone but the one in the back is still alive and kicking in spite of the mass of milkweed between it and the sun.

My little experiment.

This is day six of COVID and, well, I have pretty much been completely better since Day three.  The only inconveniences of the disease were the chills, intermittent fever and weird sleep it brings, and a slight stuffiness of the nasal passages. This is my first day free from Paxlovid, a wonder drug yet huge annoyance as it produces a metallic taste that is quite unpleasant.  I am really not complaining. I am happy to be healthy. I cannot help but think of the countless people who died at the beginning of the Pandemic. They did not have access to this drug. I cannot help thinking of the millions who died needlessly because of political inaction and stupidity in our own country and within the world.

I cannot change things.

I plan to enjoy the day and little by little resume my life. I actually plan to vacuum my patio. That borders on the insane, but hey, deal with it! Having a clean patio to sit on is something that is psychologically pleasing to me.

Science is wonderful!

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Seventy something, father, papi, educator, organizer, Francophile, traveler, amateur photographer, gardener, cyclist, kayaker, calligrapher, cinephile, reader, and overall renaissance type human being.
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2 Responses to Dahlias

  1. Eugenia Bryant says:

    So sorry you contracted covid and had even only three unpleasant days. However, Archie and I so enjoyed the concert with Suzanne and Ken. We did think of you and Mary Kay often as your substitutes. Glad you are better!

    • Our poor daughter(-in-law) is upset that both her dad and I came down with COVID after a breakfast with her (and others who did not get it). I am so very happy that you were able to use the tickets when we could not. I somehow missed out on knowing that you were able to use them. Thanks for sharing the info! I hope both you and Archie steer clear of this constant threat to our health!

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