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For days now, I have thought that I needed to sit down and write. Each time, something seems to occur and prevent me from doing so. In the past, that would have been stressful to me. I get something in my head and I feel that I have to do it. I realize that I need to be less dogmatic in terms of my routines.

Last weekend we were in Spring Green, Wisconsin for the American Players Theatre and the viewing of two great plays: The Liar (written by Pierre Corneille in the 1600s) and The Merry Wives of Windsor. Both were outstanding although I did a heck of a lot of dozing in the Shakespeare play. To be honest, The Merry Wives is not a favorite Shakespeare play. I will say that the costumes and passion of the actors were over the top in excellence and the venue is amazing, with actors not even fitted out with microphones. Pierre Corneille, I am certain, would be proud of both the translation and acting of his rhyming play. It was unbelievably funny.

The B&B, the Silver Star Inn, in Avoca, Wisconsin is and was memorable. We had stayed there several years ago. I loved the wonderful owners and the log cabin aspect of the place situated on acre upon acre of hilly terrain in the driftless area of Wisconsin, thus named because of being untouched by the last glaciers. This time, I finally managed to take one of the walks they provide on the property to the Butterfly path, a just over a mile foray into pure, idyllic countryside. The hummingbirds that visit the front porch are also a huge delight.

Life has been busy and yet if asked to explain that, I might have trouble. I have spent a good amount of time on my little idea of Swedish Death Cleaning (SDC) in the garage as I prepare it for actually serving two cars instead of one. I am dumping as much stuff as I can each week in the garbage bin. I don’t believe I am a hoarder but a saver, yes I am and well the extra tiles I saved are now long gone. Each week, something must go. I am now able to park the car very far to the right since my extra 2x4s and other bits of wood are gone.

I have decided that I no longer want to keep my wonderful Concept2 rower. For whatever reason, my rowing seems to need to be on water, something I have as of yet to do. Any ideas here for my well kept rowing machine?

My eyes have been a pain as they have changed again, getting better. After forgetting my expensive glasses at the B&B and luckily having them picked up by friends in Deerfield who went to the same B&B this week, I got an appointment. I am now on daily contacts but only for reading in my left eye. My right eye is, for the first time I believe, unfettered by lenses and seeing really well in spite of a small amount of astigmatism. It is for distance.

The garden has also taken up my time and it is beautiful and showing something different each moment. I spent two weeks harvesting red currant and then MK and I would have special time as we cleaned it all and then she cooked it up and placed it in cheesecloth with the end result of 18 mason jelly jars of red ruby jelly.

Raspberries are currently (or should I say currantly?) in season and as a raspberry lover, I am in heaven.

Things are moving along. We saw a friend with lymphoma for dinner; she is doing well. Another friend, formerly of Deerfield was just diagnosed with lymphoma. What is up with that? Meanwhile, my lymphoma is, thank goodness, still indolent.

Time to get going as soon it is to be grandkid time. We have spent much time with the older ones, now we shall see the younger ones.

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