Yesterday, I received the above in the mail. What you see in the photo is all I received. No name and no explanation beyond what you see.

I thought it was extremely odd, almost creepy.

There is an address but it is not one I personally know. The photo of me is apparently 1985. I could tell from the poster behind me about one of my classes winning a contest with their entry of the Koerner Shuffle, a take off in French of the famous Chicago Bear’s Super Bowl Shuffle, back in the day. I was in the MCL Office in New Trier’s Winnetka Campus. I only wish I still had a copy of that. I did once, on a VHS tape. My students had put together a version and gave me a script to play a small part. It was quite memorable.

The photo below, which had a question written on its back, is that of my father-in-law, Ken Nylund, who had also taught at New Trier. I believe he was subbing. He had taught on the Northfield campus when it was New Trier West and was even my wife’s German teacher. The question on the back was, « Who is this? »

The little strip of paper message mentioned something about Lorraine’s estate. I know two Lorraines from New Trier, one passed away in the not so distant past at the age of 86. I am guessing that these photos were in her possession and more than probably, she had taken them.

Receiving something like this makes me speechless. I guess I do not understand why someone would take the time to send them and yet not make his/her name known to me.

Life can be so strange.

Meanwhile, it is a hoot seeing these photos.

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