The Domino effect…world cycles

An almost 50 year old wedding ring…

Face it, I am up in years. Some days I feel it, some days I don’t.

I don’t know how much of that plays into my blogging of late. I used to blog on a daily basis. Of late, maybe once a week or so. Part of the reason for that is very simply my inability to be real and truthful. There is so much I would like to say and so much I cannot say. I hate to be vague and cryptic, but that is the case. Part of me wants to pay for a billboard and post on it my thoughts and feelings. The other part of me knows that rationally, it would be less than a good idea.

Nonetheless, here I am and what is on my mind is simple, that history has not warned us properly about the cyclical aspect of the world. We have periods of growth, progress, and apparent advancement and then we have another cycle where the world’s horrors show up with dictators, tyrants, and evil that spreads malignantly just like the falling dominoes from the beginning of the chain to the end.

The evil that we see, let’s say, in Russia, or China, or Iran, or North Korea, or even in the USA (let’s talk the previous ‘régime or even the Supreme Court), flutters down from the leaders right into our very own lives in people that we hear about or maybe even know. The leaders’ model seems to give birth to the thought that we can be evil and we can be abusive, uncaring, greedy, racist, hateful, etc.

As mentioned, I am now an elder in this society. It hurts me to think that when I was young that I viewed the possibilities for progress and change and at times even experienced it. To go backwards, to wipe out and attempt to erase the good that was done is abhorrent to me. I know deep down that it will change and that the good cycle will reappear, but it saddens me that it will most probably not be within my lifetime. It also saddens me that my progeny will have to experience the negativity of the day and the we are leaving the world this way.

And yet, I am hopeful…

For those who are evil, I just wonder how you can sleep at night…

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