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The now parched lawn where the shed will become a playhouse

This day has been slipping through my fingers since I got up around 8:00 AM. Maybe that is what is at issue.

I feel, despite the slight cold that I seem to have picked up from Samantha, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes things are overwhelming and if you give them a chance, they slowly work toward fruition. I have found as I have gotten older, that the less I try to control things, the sooner they work out.

It is a fabulously beautiful day. Now that I have seen all of my boys and my granddaughter, things are better. The only thing that would improve that would to be able to see my beloved daughters-in-law. I say, “daughters-in-law” despite the fact that in my estimate, they are anything but “in-law.” I have mentioned before how blessed I am and despite the minute glitches here and there, that is oh so true. My “daughters” are a true blessing in my life and the only issue is that I am truly unable to tell them how much they mean to me. When family issues arise, they are the ones I worry most about. I only hope that they truly understand where we are coming from in different areas; they haven’t known us for as long as our sons have.

This morning, I got caught up in looking for the old family intercom that we purchased years ago and will use when Samantha stays with us tonight. We had had it out when Samantha was an infant and somehow it became misplaced. MK had mentioned it last night and of course I started my reconnaissance mission before going to bed. This morning, I tore up nothing less than the front closet and the area surrounding my old sub-level office. The bad news is that it didn’t turn up in my work which was completed right around noon. The good news is that Mikey admitted to having thrown it out and I have it in my hands and I also have a nicely appointed front closet. The extension cords, light bulbs, and electric items, normally stored in the front closet, have moved down to the old office area and are nicely re-organized. Materials from my old ASC job are now re-organized as well and hopefully the new organization will allow me to find things faster. Time shall tell.

Last night Mikey cooked for his oldest brother, our “daughter,” and Samantha. Samantha wasn’t feeling all that well, what with her cold and drippy nose but we had a good time with a wonderful meal of homemade chicken soup and Philly Cheese sandwiches.

The meal Mikey made was great and I “crashed” during it, I am now guessing due to the cold that hit me, here I had thought it had been caused by the nursing home visit. That turned out well and both ladies were in pretty good sorts. My mom apparently told them that she was packing her bags and going home to Cleveland (nothing new, she incessantly tells them how much better things were in that town). It was interesting that she admitted remembering that and was able to even laugh about it. My mother-in-law was funny as well, but unfortunately every two minutes I had to tell her that my father-in-law has been gone almost two years. The two of them were funny, I had a good visit with them, pulling out my iPhone and iPad for pictures, my means of finding conversation with them, and talking about this and that. In the end, the two of them started critiquing the males in the nursing home, especially those who worked there, this one was handsome, but not tall enough, and on and on. At that point, I decided to head out…

Despite my cold, which normally attacks me like a tsunami , is mild and I am taking a bike ride despite the itching I have all over me. Not itchiness from medical causes, but from the self-imposed haircut I had. Christian and I traded haircuts as he and Laura are going to a wedding. Mine wasn’t all that necessary but I knew that within a short period of time it would be.

The people came out today to mark off the areas we need to be aware of as being where the electrical and AT&T wires are buried so we can do the work for the playhouse. I shall be so happy once we get that squared away as I have been wanting to attend to that all summer.

Samantha is napping thankfully, something that is not all that easy when one doesn’t feel well. I am hoping that the lack of her parents will not be an issue tonight but she does spend enough time at this, her second home, and she even has her own set of toys here.

Okay, enough rambling, I am soon off for a bike ride and will enjoy the beauty of this day.

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