The Stocker

this is the area underneath our steps, a wasted space that is now a pantry

Some things we do are a part of us, genetically administered to our bodies as they were conceived. Others are add-ons that come with time, education, and environment. The stocking thing, in me, is apparently both.

I think that I have always had a need to be organized, perhaps a way of compensating for things that I think are perhaps my defects. I am not so sure, but I know that organization makes me happy and I also know that it is a driving force in my life. The problem is that unfortunately, in my quest to be organized, this asset or flaw can cause conflict with others who are perhaps not organized, maybe very organized, but whose ideas of organization don’t meld with mine.

I have had issues with the articulation of this need as I have gone from youth to my current so-called middle age. The issue is that in order for me to think clearly and to be able to connect ever so nicely to my surroundings, that there has to be a certain level of attainment in the organizational arena.

God must have been laughing about all this when I was provided with a family of a wife, three sons, and a dog, among other pets throughout the years. I have thus made adjustments in my needs.

Despite all of this, I still do the organization thing, I just have to be better about framing it within the context of my life and the people with whom I live and share blood with. Along with the organization comes the “stocking” gene, the one where I try to make sure that we have everything we need and that we have about one more so that we have time to get another one, if necessary. As Hausherr, I have tried to step this up, but it doesn’t always work as things are finished and I might not be informed. It can be frustrating.

My biggest educational stocking experience was at Kresge’s when I was about sixteen, working in the toy department and making sure that all of the toys were nicely placed and that new ones were brought out when they were sold. I never would have believed how much that training would prepare me for the life that I live.

Yesterday, when I should have been napping, I was attending to the stocking. I was moving things around, seeing what we needed, making sure that things can be found. One cannot rest unless the visual aspect is at a certain level. In wandering about the house, one can come across these and get waylaid!

Today I bought a few of our needs to make sure that we are “stocked.” Please note, the picture that I took is a “before” picture; I need to get to it to have proper placement of the items so that they can be found. I somehow guess I am just a little bit crazy.

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Seventy something, father, papi, educator, organizer, Francophile, traveler, amateur photographer, gardener, cyclist, kayaker, calligrapher, cinephile, reader, and overall renaissance type human being.
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