A change in weather?


Painting continued as I put the final latex touches on the work on the stair area. I still have extremely minor touch ups left but the major job is done. I got the bright idea to touch up the darkly stained oak steps yesterday. I had been annoyed by the previous painter’s sloppiness of having small incursions of white onto the dark wood. I pulled out some brown acrylic and got the areas so that now they are pretty much invisible. It was a bit tough as Murphy and Richie were over and the canine movement was not always in my best interests. As it happens, Murphy was in rare puppy form and even knocked over a mug of hot coffee on the front window seat (which was refinished more than once with what seems to be a thousand coats of Tung oil due to Ali’s scratching it as she attempted to be a projectile aimed at the mailman approaching the house). The carpet protecting the seat had to be rinsed off outside and I had to put temporary covering over it. All in a day’s work and excitement!

My painting foray under control, I went to pick up Samantha at pre-school. From there we went to the park for fun and a picnic and then home for a quick quiet time and then a possible nap. I say possible because napping is not the favorite part of her day, to say the least. She said she was tired, went down without a peep at 1:00 after going ‘potty’ which she now does religiously, having finally given up the diapers which she finds terribly ‘démodé.’ It was kind of funny as we played with French and she got a bit miffed when I said, “tu vas te coucher” meaning that she was going to bed. This was particularly funny because she immediately went mentally to the word ‘coucher’ because it sounds like ‘couche’ which is a diaper! We had a little discussion of that. She reminded me that she wears ‘big girl pants’ and that diapers are a thing of the past.

Papi pulled out a French movie that needs to be returned today, one that I am introducing at the community college film festival in a few weeks. I didn’t get much time with it or with the Rice Krispie treats I was making as she woke up at 2:15 or so and needed the potty. Whether or not she actually slept at all is a grand debate. She proudly took care of several potty issues and after a cleanup and washed hands, came down to play in her second outfit of the day, the first having been washed (a lovely dress) and put in the dryer and ready to take home clean as it had been attacked by some paint drops at pre-school where she had a birthday celebration (it is coming up within days and we celebrate it on Saturday) and then from some yogurt at lunchtime.

Outside it was time for some play in her playhouse and in her Little Tikes Car. She puts her dolly in it. While doing that, Samantha got to lick the spatula I used to mix the marshmallow treats as she went from the back driveway to the house as I watched. She also ate the specially chosen marshmallow seen in the bag I had bought.

A note about the marshmallows and the treats I made, they aren’t kidding when they say that fresh marshmallows work better, this was much easier this time. Last time, the marshmallows were a bit hard, it does make a difference!

The outdoor foray didn’t last long as the weather shifted to heavy drops falling, necessitating a trip indoors. She then went out again when it appeared to change and then it did rain a bit. We ended up going upstairs where I needed to prepare for tutoring, the warm weather causing me to need another shower. She played with the little Princess castle I had picked up for her at Jewel for $2 on the sale rack. It has been worth every penny. It was well worth the money I paid but not worth the original $15 they were charging. Samantha is sometimes frustrated by the fact that the door keeps falling off (it opens and closes) and that the Princess has trouble staying in the standing position. Samantha was also not happy she couldn’t sit on the bench they provided since she doesn’t bend!

I went off to tutor and the weather dropped about five degrees. By the time I returned home the chill was quite noticeable. The open windows made the house cool to the point that we closed them. I keep wondering if we are back to normal. Time shall tell. Meanwhile for today, a visit to the gym, some packing is in order, a few touch ups of paint as this painting experience has opened me to other touch ups, I have some touch ups in the room Samantha sleeps (we think, lol!) in. I have to get to Oakton for my conversation hour and also my office hour and then off for a Granny visit to the nursing home. All in a good day’s work!

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