A short evening at the Botanic Garden and the Wonderland Express



Yesterday we had an appointment at the Botanic Garden to check out the Wonderland Express (a train set-up in one of the main exhibition rooms) and its cool Christmas trains set in a floral background and mock-ups of Chicago area buildings like the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House, President Obama’s Home in Kenwood, the skyscrapers, etc.

Samantha was quite excited although she thought that she was going to be riding a train as opposed to looking at them. She was also interested in having dinner there, we had established a lunchtime tradition last year that she fondly remembers. That wasn’t a possibility since the restaurant wasn’t open for dinner but I told her that we could perhaps go on Wednesday instead.

It was a beautiful evening there, I just managed to do it before going to an emergency tutoring session in Winnetka. It was short and sweet, probably a good thing since Samantha had not napped and was perhaps going to be a victim of the ‘witching hour.’ We then went to take her home and I dropped her off, MK was in her car, and Samantha, Christian, and MK had dinner together while I went off to ‘work.’

The lights at the Botanic Garden are a sight to be seen. It is absolutely beautiful at dusk and later and a glorious sight to behold.

So tomorrow, Samantha and I will go to the gardens and enjoy the beauty of that wonderful location right by our back door.

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