Lunch at the Botanic Garden with Samantha and a photo op

Samantha wanted to eat at the Botanic Garden like we did during the last school year and which, because of the situation, we have not been able to do of late. So, today I went to pick her up and we went there for lunch. I took a picnic lunch, thinking that perhaps it would be easiest, but of course she had in mind to have yogurt (which I bought anyway along with a cup of coffee for Papi).

I had taken with me all sorts of things which she ate: La Vache qui Rit cheese, apple, apple sauce, and fresh raspberries. I also brought a bagel with a mini-package of cream cheese (which she wasn’t interested in). As it turns out, the yogurt was only partially eaten but everything else was devoured.

I had originally planned walking around but Samantha was happy to look around. Thomas the Tank Train was on an elevated track surrounding the central area of the garden restaurant. It was fun to watch and the huge tree they had was equally pretty to look at.

While there, I got some great pictures of her and then she wanted to take some of me. They came out really well and I am posting them here. Samantha actually made me look good! Go figure!

Instead of walking around, we came home because she said she wanted to go for her nap. Once home, however, she wanted to play for a bit with her little people that we keep for her to play with.

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