It is the new paradigm.

We are no longer a society where truth is the goal. We are nothing more than a Land O’ Lies (LOL).

Truth is not what it is all about. We are in a mode of Populism gone bad, totally awry, heading on to the rocky road of Fascism. I feared it all along before the most recent presidential election, thinking that despite the way it looked, that we might avoid this. I was wrong. I do blame Ronald Reagan for setting us on this path. On the other hand, whether I like it or not, things do go in cycles…for me, one Joseph McCarthy was enough.

To listen to the news is to be totally confused. You see the actors on the political and national stage as they spout nonsense from their mouths. You don’t know what to believe. That is the whole point. They are Masters of Distraction (MOD) This is how autocrats set the stage to do the horrible things they intend to do.

Get your passports ready.

We made a huge mistake, nationally, when we believed that the Cold War was over. That was not the case, it just changed and we missed the boat on realizing where it was going. War became a bit of Technology, the new Subversive Technology Deal (STD) whereby we, as a people, could be manipulated anyway the enemy saw fit, via the Media.

Canada is looking damn good, hell, it already did anyway. They have a relatively safe society, clean streets, they are welcoming to immigrants and diversity, and they have healthcare for all. Paradise, as seen from the southern part of North America.

Why are we so stupid? Let’s face it, we have always had this ‘stupid’ side to our Culture, it has just gotten carried away. We turned down the metric system just because it us used by the rest of the world and we are too stubborn to change. It is clear that we have been ignorant and complacent in regards to those within our country who are disenfranchised. Now, because we have ignored them, they are able to get carried away and start changing the laws put in place to finally end inequality and deal with all sorts of issues that do NOT belong in a civilized country.

I know this is a stage for the United States and probably temporary, but I am frankly impatient. Impatient to get back to normal, impatient to see ourselves correctly treating each other. Whatever happened to being nice?

We need to have Separation of Church and State (SOCAS). This should be the plan because it is clear that many people act in the name of religion and do things that would make Jesus sick to his stomach.

Let’s Make America Normal Again (MANA)!