Car wash day!

Tuesday was car wash day. Not the usual variety, and we have no set day anyway. The malbor does normally have a day, but of late due to health issues, that seems to not be happening all that often.

The grandkids were all here.

We started out at 7:30 AM or so when the youngest two showed up with their mom as she was on her way to school, yes school. Teaching has started for her already.

The older two showed up past ten and being so hot, it was decided that the pool would be out. Stewie had a terrible time staying out of it. He sees water and he thinks it is playtime.

After a little pool play, I started washing a Pack and Play that I found in the garage. It is a great portable crib. It wasn’t really too dirty but it needed a little cleaning. I brought out a pail and quickly gave it a wash.

That idea gave birth to washing cars. Our oldest grandgirl wanted to do a car wash. She wanted to do either ours or those of people driving down our street. We were not overly fond of that idea. The next idea was to take our kiddy vehicles and wash them.

We let them go in the house and find the rags and they commenced washing the vehicles and rinsing them off with water taken from the little pool. They grabbed their German pails, yes German, and filled them up. It was a great time.

You might ask why German pails? We found that the ones we had purchased beforehand were always cracking and falling apart. We went online and found high quality pails. The kids love them.

We often have no particular game plan and especially when Samantha, the nine year old is around, there is quickly a plan.

Maybe a future teacher?

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Global Entry

Monday found us heading into Chicago for a Global Entry interview. We had already applied online, paid our $100 each, and received tentative approval that would end with complete approval following an interview either at O’Hare or downtown. There was also a digital collection of our fingerprints.

We were surprised by how fast we were approved initially and then set up our interviews.

We went downtown this morning, taking the train, and walking a few blocks to the Customs Building at 610 S. Canal. It was just a few blocks from our Metra train arrival at Union Stations.

The interview lasted maybe ten minutes and we were told that we would be informed as to the outcome today.

By the time we were back on the train, we had each received an e-mail message saying that we were approved and now we wait for our ID cards (which we actually do not even need for international travel). We do need our Passenger ID number and we were told that when we set up our travel plans that we need to use that number.

The benefits are no processing lines or paperwork and access to expedited entry benefits in other countries. It is available at most American airports and results in reducing time waiting. Having Global Entry means that you have TSA Pre✓® Eligibility.

We have more than one friend with Global Entry and they seem to think it is worth it. Any time saved while traveling is good.

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You have to love those grandkids!

It was a hot Sunday morning and we had just finished reading the Sunday newspapers.

We got a call.

Our youngest grandkids wanted to come over. They had the choice of the park or the beach but they wanted to come over to our house. They said they missed us. We are sure lucky!

So on this sweltering day, the little ones came over to play. They pulled out all the vehicles and the ‘digger,’ a sandbox facsimile of an excavator like toy similar to those found in local parks.

We played in the sandbox, we fed the fish in the pond, we did a few bubbles, and it was a nice morning.

Around noon, they headed for home, armed with some leftover pizza that we had ordered late in the week for the grandkids, making the lunch selection easier.

We had a great time.

One of our grandkids had said to her mom, “When I grow up I am going to marry daddy.” Her mom reminded her that it wasn’t possible as he was already married. She then replied, “Okay, then I will marry Uncle Dude (Uncle Christian)!”

You gotta love kids.

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Canvassing for the vote in Kenosha, Wisconsin

MK did some research into helping candidates. We have never worn a badge or helped a candidate but the time has come.

She looked into helping Cathy Myers in her fight for the 1st Congressional District in Wisconsin. It covers of Kenosha and Racine counties as well as parts of Milwaukee and other counties.

She had already donated a small amount to Cathy’s campaign, something we almost never do.

On Friday, we got a call from them and on Saturday, we went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, the city of MK’s birth, and did some canvassing. We arrived there just before ten o’clock for some information on how the process works.

It was an interesting neighborhood consisting mainly of older people and with a few single moms and people of Latino heritage.

We got a special app for our smartphones to keep track of the people we talked to and for gathering info. The heat was relentless and by the time we got home, around two or so, we were ‘woofed.’

We had a list of thirty-six people to contact in a quadrant of Kenosha. Some of them were not home, some were, some were in agreement about our candidate, and some were not. Given the crazy way that streets are marked in Kenosha: Numbered Avenues go north and south (39th Avenue) and Numbered Streets go east and west (45th Street), I find it quite confusing.

Cathy Myers is a former teacher and seeking the spot now taken by Paul Ryan. She is interested in keeping Medicare, strong on women’s rights, and obviously education. This Tuesday is the Democratic Primary and she is going against a man who has had his issues in the past, one of them being his not paying for his own children’s child support.

Our hope? To work toward assuring a better place for our children and our grandchildren. It sure would be nice to have someone like her in place of someone like Paul Ryan.

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Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner

Angle of ReposeAngle of Repose by Wallace Stegner

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I am surprised that it took me so long to enjoy it. It makes me wonder what was going on the previous times I tried to read it. As it turns out, I loved the history and the fallible human beings and the contrast between the civilized east and the wild west. I enjoyed the depiction of life in the late 1800s and the contrast to the almost present. The book is truly well written and well thought out but I must admit that toward the end I was ready for that event to come to pass and I also must say that I enjoyed Wallace Stegner’s book, Crossing to Safety, more. Nonetheless, it was a great read.

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