The Cold Spell

Neighbors down the street had put this Little Tikes tractor, wagon, and gas pump out for garbage pick up (or for someone like me coming along to grab it).

November days are not generally super cold. Today when I went out with Stewie, it was only nineteen degrees. Luckily, it was a windless nineteen degrees.

Lethargy is the word of the day. Yesterday, I got through the day on a piece of peanut butter toast in the morning and my only other calories were an extremely, slowly drunk can of Coca Cola. Early on in the day, I was queasy and despite it, I went to the gym. While there, I realized that I needed to go home since I apparently had some sort of virus.

The symptoms were very acid reflux-like with frequent tastes of bile and a whole day where I could not eat and only sip coke and period tastes of water.

Nauseated was the word of the day. Once home from the gym after noon, I took it easy and I wasn’t all that sure that I wasn’t going to lose the little I had eaten.

I found out later when MK went out for a supposed chance to see two of our granddaughters at ballet class, which ended up in being the result of a fake news e-mail that was a false alarm. MK got there only to be told that the e-mail received was incorrect and it was not a day for seeing the girls perform. While there, she explained my symptoms as being the reason I was not there and Rita, Richie’s nurse, mother-in-law said not to worry since it was a twenty-four hour thing.

That was totally correct, by bedtime, my queasiness had subsided and I was able to go to bed and sleep through the night.

I must say that I am not overly hungry, but I was able to eat steel cut oatmeal and have a cup of decaf.

Never a dull moment.

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Control revisited

Bullies need control. They are inwardly cowards, unsure of themselves and decidedly insecure, causing them to use whatever assets they might have: strength and size, perhaps, and lord it over others. They are narcissistic and only think of themselves and how to control what I believe they see as a world that they don’t really fit in.

Hence the parking in front of the house, wanting to control it even though it doesn’t belong to the property. Another fun thing on malbor’s property are the signs about peeing, yes, peeing.

I went on Amazon and found the amusing signs that must be removed for lawn mowing. I am very respectful of others but I must admit that even if I were to try to control Stewart as we walk by property, it is tough since he is an animal and does have a decidedly, canine male need to mark his territory.

The signs you see are placed on the property. I am wondering how long they will last this season and if they are going to be placed on sticks so that they will be higher than the snow coverage we get. I am just concerned that we need to have the wherewithal to put the sticks in before a complete freeze. As it now stands, the current, freezing temps may cause a problem.

My question is how does malbor manage to control the wild animals that come by and treat his property like the nature it is.

Life is rough when you are insecure and feel as if you truly don’t fit in your skin, to the point that you need to control and attack others. The thing is that some of us grow from youth to adulthood and learn that we need to figure out who we are, and how we are a part of a world in which we need to be ourselves, but not at a cost to others. One would hope that most of us would learn.

Our current world is showing bullies who get their way. It is truly time to put all bullies in their place.

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Malbor and parking in front of his house

Only select cars may be parked in front of this house.

I have to admit that had the malbor not called the police on Stewie a few weeks ago, I might have allowed his presence to slide in my view to the point that I would not write about him.

Unfortunately, he continues to be mean and vindictive and subhuman, as so many of our current leaders are. He is the totally different rendition, the creep who lives next door.

Today his parking viewpoints are on my mind. Years ago, our boys told us (malbor never did) that he felt that the street area in front of his house was a parking area that should only be used by him. To be frank, that is true, because for the most part, even his son is forced to park somewhere else. His work van is currently parked right now in front of malbor’s neighbors to the south. During the day, his son has to play a car jockeying game with his van or car (if it so happens to be here). He is not allowed to put it in the driveway until dark, otherwise it must be on the street. If he is working on the van, it may only be in the driveway when he is working on it.

The two cars belonging to malbor and his wife must absolutely be in the garage and it is a cold day in Hell when one is left out all night.

One time, I parked my car for a short moment in front of malbor’s house and sure enough my sons’ mention of malbor’s dislike of it was expressed to me. His comment was in the usual vein where he likes to discuss my masculinity, or perhaps his view that my masculinity is in question. The fact is that my take on this is that he has serious masculine identification issues and thus is projecting it on those he dislikes. He said to me, “Gee, I bet you feel like a real man parking in front of my house.”

I am thankful for the cold weather and the fact that it makes it less likely for any sort of sightings of the malbor.

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Baby, it’s cold outside

The weather is cold, so cold that I did not even look at the thermometer. I went outside with Stewart and neither he nor I decided to pay any attention to it. This is the Midwest after all is said and done and cold weather is to be expected.

In my head the cold weather is good, I feel deep down that it kills the germs. My real mind tells me that such thoughts are totally ridiculous. Sometimes, we do enjoy our fantasies, though. That is a pretty safe one as far as fantasies go.

Weather like this makes me want to have a nice, roaring fire in the fireplace. We shall do that later today as we are going to see Timon of Athens, a filming of a Stratford Festival Shakespeare play. It is in the city and a continuation of our efforts to bring more knowledge of the wonderful theatre venue to the north to those who are unaware of it in the Chicago area.

It has been a busy week and shall continue to be so as we saw a play last night, Twelfth Night, at Writers Theatre in Glencoe. It was very well done, better in fact than the rendition we saw in Stratford this past summer. MK and I agree that it is just not our favorite play. I find that it is disjointed and that I have trouble following it. I had a hard time in the first quarter of the play, finding it slow and hard to follow. The rest of the play, the actors and play totally found their mojo and despite the play were totally amazing.

The laughter and antics of all of the actors were incredible and despite not loving the play, they made up for it.

Timon was great and although we thought we were seeing a play tomorrow, we are not. Sunday will be a little less busy.

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The first snow of the 2018 fall/winter season

They have been promising snow for days. I always take that with a grain of salt as I have an inherent distrust of meteorology and the meteorologists who deliver their craft via the media. I totally understand the science of it all. I am not one of those people who deny the reality of science and say, for example, that Global Warming is fake. I guess that I wish that meteorologists and the science of meteorology would be clearer about the fact that although it is a science, that the factors affecting it are quite complex. More often than not (although seemingly less of late), the weather they predict does not come to pass.

Again, they have been promising snow for days. I thought it was meant for this evening, and maybe it is, but we had a dusting overnight. It is pretty.

This was enjoyable snow. It is pretty, our lawn was just cleared of leaves, and it is not dangerous. I doubt that the roads are slick.

Speaking of slick, I find it interesting that the meteorologists are telling those of us with four wheel (or all wheel) drive cars to be kind and patient with those who have only two wheel drive. I have been driving all wheel drive cars for over ten years and am a huge proponent of them for our climate. They are a pain when they break down as they cannot be towed, they have to be put up on a huge truck, but frankly their safer driving is a huge asset. Add into that that my blue car is with manual transmission so although it is small, I have even more control.

Stewart was seemingly nonplussed by the snow; I know that when we have more, he will be in his glory. He was made for cold, having two separate coats and more fur than a dog should even have.

Okay, I am over it. Bring on winter!

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