Technology Issues: Wi-Fi outlet

The infamous Wi-Fi outlet…

It seems to have been my week for Technology issues, or at least working on them.

I made a purchase that I thought would be helpful, two outlets that, when plugged in, will allow you to control them from an app and Wi-Fi.

I had read the recommendations and reviews. Although it looked somewhat complicated to install, it worked well, once done. I have had them for almost a week and they are still not working.

My eyes are really very good. I do not wear lenses to correct for reading. The instructions for this device came on a folded piece of paper about 2 inches by 3 and folded like an accordion to be a 2 X 3 inch read. The print is so minuscule that I had to scan it in order to be able to blow it up and figure it out. Once blown up, it was pretty much unintelligible.

The instructions are from China and the English is decidedly not well done. They are written in such a way that I had to keep experimenting with them. They ask, for example, for a password. You need to set up an account, which I did, but I then ran into password issues. I then realized the password had to be only a certain amount of characters and I had gone beyond. I never figured out whether it was the password I created or some other thing that looked like an example in the accordion foldout.

To make a long story short, I have not succeeded in getting these two outlets up and running.

I went online and googled and there is nothing about any issues.

Finally, this weekend, I e-mailed the company I purchased them from, TechRabbit, to see if they can help me. Although they are not open on weekends, they did send me a message and I fully expect to hear from them this week.

I did take a chance on TechRabbit and saw a Denon, wireless sports’ headset. I have consistently been unhappy with my music situation, either the earbuds fall out (they never seem to fit) or the sound quality is less than great. This headset stays in my ears, is easy to use, and I can use it for both phone and music. That was a surprise. The sound quality is also decent.

So, it wasn’t a totally wash out on Technology this past week.

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Technology Issues: Blogging!

I have mentioned previously, that about every few months or so, that my blog decides to behave strangely and that I just have to wait around a bit. I find that, more often than not, a new update will cause difficulties and that I just have to wait it out.

This time, it was a long wait, and I ended up finally doing some major troubleshooting. My googling efforts pretty much came up with nothing, so I started playing around with it.

The first issue was that I could not add any photos, at least not from my laptop. The buttons, when I went to click on ‘add,’ did absolutely nothing. I could add a post on my laptop but not add photos. I then resorted to using my phone or iPad. I realized, thanks to readers, that the photos had changed in size along with the fonts. I then had to get an app for my phone that reduced the size of the photo. It was a major ‘domino effect’ and this is only a small part of it.

The other day, I took a major look at my WordPress website and started cleaning up things. I downloaded a ‘Plugin’ that would clean up the site and jettison things not needed. Considering that I have been blogging since 2009, perhaps it was time. I used it, it cleaned things up, but I still had the same issues.

Finally, I hit upon ‘Jetpack,’ a WordPress app that gives me more WordPress features since I am blogging on my own, personal site. The main thing I like about it is that I can view my statistics and see, for example, that I have had two views from Japan, one from Canada, another from India, and the rest from the U.S.

For fun, I ‘deactivated’ Jetpack. Lo and behold, my problems disappeared; I can now upload photos in the normal manner, take photos with my iPhone and size them in my favorite ‘BIRU-WP’ app and have my website address placed on the photo. I am in business. If I had only done this earlier…

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The Crayola Cur

Our previous border collie was one who self-feeded; she would go to her food bowl or the container with the dog food and eat. She was never overweight.

Our current border collie imprinted on a black lab, which I think is why he eats or at least tries to eat as if he were one. He paces around and acts like he hasn’t had a meal in years. He pesters us. He is good at the dinner table, though, but when the kids are around, he cleans up for them, almost to the point of stealing food from them. The babies, of course, love it. They quickly learn to fling the cheerios off the tray of the high chair and check out the canine reaction. Oh, and Stewie’s food intake needs to be watched, the vet told us a year ago that he was chubby. Who can tell under all that fur? He has since, with my help, dropped the pounds.

The other day was excessively crazy as we had an added activity to our day as I went out while MK was at our home with two, to take care of another two. The complication was that my car was due to be dropped off for recall work at the car dealership. MK had to leave our house in a flurry after the kids departed. She picked me up and we drove to the dealership to drop my car off.

We returned home to prepare dinner and, more importantly, put our house back in order.

I should have been more observant, but I thought that Stewie had just been angry and destroyed the Crayola box (a small one). There were quite a few crayons on the carpet and the box was totally destroyed and wet.

The next day, when I took Stewie to the corner, and later for a long walk, I realized that Stewie had eaten crayons: yellow, red, blue, and maybe green.

Upon research, I realize that the crayons are pretty much non-toxic, since the crayon manufacturers realize that someone is going to try and eat them. Stewie never really showed any sort of reaction whatsoever, but then, he has been known to chow down wood, something we certainly try to avoid.

At least Stewie smells good, he spent three hours at the Pet Salon yesterday for grooming!

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Craziness chez nous

Our day started with a bang, as it so often does. We did have a nice surprise that we did not have to head out and pick up our young charges. They had gotten up early and thus were able to come with their mom to our house. All we had to do was run out and retrieve them from the car, thus allowing Mommy to get to school.

The youngest was near naptime already and was totally disinterested in food or drink. He was soon in his crib. We realized that we really needed a few supplies, serious ones, like diapers, and while doing so picked up some supplementary formula and a few other things. The kids are very good about keeping us in supplies (wipes, diapers, etc.), but with the craziness of life, sometimes it is hard to keep track of these inventories and we deemed it easier to hit the store as the little one was taking a nap and MK was able to watch his older sister more easily.

The house goes quickly from all put together to total disarray within moments. Luckily, we have a plan to always get back to normal.

Today, as our youngest is now awake and playing and working on his relationship with his sister, the interest of the day is standing by the piano bench and playing, bringing our border collie into crooning mode. His older sister got into the act and the two of them started to play a duet.

The two little ones have the cutest relationship, going from extreme love to a push here and there that has to be dealt with, as we navigate the waters of being siblings.

The piano music and crooning is almost unbearable and I am hoping that interest of this nature, in the instrument, soon peters out.

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I know that I am not the only one that this happens to…

I was in bed, I was fast asleep, and then suddenly I was wide awake, and it was not pleasant. It was way too early to get up and yet I was completely, devastatingly awake. I wanted to go back to sleep and that was almost impossible. I tried anyway.

It happened to me in the early hours of Wednesday. I sleep more fitfully when I know I have to get up at an early time. This was a day when I needed to get up and out of the house within a thirty minute period. I needed to go to our son’s house and get the kids up and take them to the babysitter.

So I awakened.

My mind was horribly clear.

My mind told me that all of the recent happenings are not just chance, that the political activities were actually well thought out. Number 45 had made sure that the VP was not involved in any of the Russian scandals and that he was going to resign, leaving the helm to an individual I find almost even more reprehensible.

The attainment of the highest office in the land was somewhat of a whim for 45, in my dream. Once there, it was time to set up a cabinet of the most conservative, reactionary, and damaging to progressive laws put into place (to take care of inequity and unfairness in our history). These laws were only a literal ‘drop in the bucket,’ but they were at least going in the right direction.

Let’s hope that there is a solution at hand that does not take four years to attain. Let us hope that the next set of elections sets the negative politics back where it belongs. We need progress and we cannot afford to lose one step forward we have taken.

I did fall asleep, but it was fitful, and apparently it is to remain so for the near future.

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