Generations in Conflict


Whenever I talk to people my age, sometimes younger, sometimes older, I often somehow hear concerns about the ‘younger generation.’ I hear comments about the fashion, about the philosophy; about they way they cook, about the way they eat, this or that. It amuses me to no end.

It makes me think of history. The world has been writing and reading histories since time began. Winston Churchill said, “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” In this case, it is not the repeating that we are confronted with, but not understanding the current situation.

Ever since time began, each current generation has to be at odds in one way or another with the preceding and the following generation. Generations, like families, actually need to be in some sort of conflict with the preceding and the following. A normal child, in order to proceed positively through life, needs to learn from and then do some accepting and rebelling in order to find his/her place in the universe. In my estimate, failure to do so insures that the individual will not mature appropriately into a normal human being.

As I age, I see that there are things that the younger generation does that are less than appealing to me. As long as these things are not hurtful to others, I need to realize that this is the way things work. Getting older is something that happens and despite our efforts to slow down these changes, they occur. We can work with a lot of the physical stuff but in reality we are victims of our genetics and environment. Our minds, however, can be dealt with and I am convinced that we need to keep them agile. To me a closed mind is a dangerous thing and it occurs in young people but it also seems to occur in minds that were previously open but changed to closed with the aging process. I hope that never happens to me.

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Car Videos


On Monday evening as I went to my second tutoring gig of the evening, I noticed the Yukon in front of me, a big, hulking mass of a car. I also noticed something I never think about but am aware of, video screens in cars for video usage during car rides. As a parent, I remember those days of interminably long car rides, or rides that seemed long due to the lack of scenery (Chicago to Cleveland) and how it was tough as we transported our young children, to keep them interested in anything. We resorted to special books, different treats, things like MadLibs, puzzles, travel games and such.

It is one thing if the videos are pulled out during trips of painfully plain landscaping like Indiana (sorry Hoosiers), but what is the story on what appeared to me like a simple trip to the local Mall? All indications pointed out that the Yukon I saw was on a simple shopping venture and that for some reason, “Alladin” had to be put on to keep the kids quiet. What is that all about?

Technology is all-pervasive and I am guilty of it like most others, but there is a need to allow kids to grow being able to make healthy choices and to learn, perhaps, how to amuse themselves from time to time in ways other than that which technology provides. There are so many things that we need to expose children to as they grow up.

It is a sad statement that we are so overwhelmed by our commitments that we cannot even find the time to have a moment in our car where kids don’t have to be completely entertained. I know that in this day and age, it is very hard with two parents working jobs with stresses in both the professional and family world to deal with their family commitments, but they took on the job. Children do not deserve to be brought into a world that really does not want them or cannot really nurture and educate them as they make the journey from birth to adulthood.

Just a thought…

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Monday sans virus

Light bulbs of this variety, soon to be a thing of the past.  The larger 'mogul' bulb is almost impossible to find and I already have an adapter for a CFL for it.

Light bulbs of this variety, soon to be a thing of the past. The larger ‘mogul’ bulb is almost impossible to find and I already have an adapter for a CFL for it.

Monday was back to work and back to reality with a tiny bit of viral residue left within my system. It was not enough to keep me from walking Stewart for about 1.2 miles but it did make me force myself to stay in bed to get sleep and make sure that my resurgence from ill health moves as quickly as possible. That being said, the gym and a swim were not on my program for the day’s efforts.

The weather was exactly what you expect and want on a fall day. There was a small chill but it was comfortable. Gloves were the last set of items you would even think about. As I ponder it, I realize that it is not until the weather gets to the point of gloves that I find taking walks unpleasant outside. I really have never liked having cold hands and they are, along with my feet, the first to suffer from cold weather. It just seems that no matter what kind of gloves or mittens you have, that they just do not ever seem to manage to do what they are made to do, keep your hands warm.

I was sitting at an intersection Monday morning and contemplated, had the light not turned so quickly, taking a photo. It was at the corner of Wilmot and Deerfield Roads at St. Gregory’s Church (where the boys all became Eagle Scouts). Every year they have a pumpkin sale, this year is no different, and the combination of the pumpkins on the ground and the trees with the autumn leaves is absolutely striking.

I arrived at home and the Monday wash duties surfaced in my head so I did a few loads and did a bit of winterizing on the playhouse, putting up a magnetized plexiglass window over the door window opening (whose screen has mysteriously shown up with multiple holes). I went to the Post Office and then headed to two tutoring gigs. The weather is beautiful, but it actually got as warm as 76 degrees! Strange for an almost November day!

Okay, just had dinner, going to my second of two tutoring assignments, and then home. It sure is nice to not have queasiness or acid reflux out the wazoo!

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Ciao, virus!

Mike is avoiding the virus and even got the point of quarantining the butter.

Mike is avoiding the virus and even got the point of quarantining the butter.

Saturday was a day of loss, a day in which time went by and there was nothing to do but try and get through it. It was a day of being uncomfortable and in which it was next to impossible to get comfortable. Despite the fact that I had been up since 2:00 AM, it was not possible to get anything in snooze-wise except a catnap here or there.

Activities of any kind were impossible. I wanted to watch some video programs I have had sitting around for a long time and my concentration was not there. I did read some but that was equally hard to do.

I went to bed wondering if I would be able to sleep. I awoke some time in the middle of the night with what seemed like the worst acid reflux I had ever had and luckily I realized that. The pain was unreal. I changed my position and luckily the pain dissipated and I went back to sleep. I got up around 7:00 AM, which is late for me, and I felt pretty much completely normal. I drank a cup of tea wondering whether I would keep it down and some Gatorade. I actually felt like eating and so I had a piece of toast. I sat down and began my morning Sunday ritual of grading my students’ online work.

I felt so good that I was able to take Stewie on our usual walk and even felt good while doing it.

Sunday was just a day of rest, not always the case but something that I actually try to keep once I have the grading done.

It sure is nice to be sans virus.

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The virus hits home


MK was feeling ‘icky’ on Friday evening as we went to bed. I was slightly queasy but thought nothing of it. By about 2:15 AM, I awoke feeling really queasy so I headed downstairs. As it turns out, I was up pretty much until pas 8:00 AM. Even then, my sleep was a mere catnap as I attempted to catch up on my lost rest. It was tough as I could not get comfortable, no matter where I was or how I was situated. I was also cold and could not get warm.

Saturday was supposed to be kayak day; well kayaking is for another time. The weather was beautiful and perfect for a trip on a lake but that was not in the cards. I sipped a coke from 2:00 something to past 8:00 AM, hoping to ward off the nausea that was plaguing me. As of late afternoon, I kept it at bay but I still could not really get comfortable. MK and I were not the only ones afflicted, Glencoe had Laura come down with it during the night and Kelsey was not sleeping well. Despite wanting to hydrate, my liquid intake was a can of coke, a half of a cup of tea, and some Klarbrunn and Gatorade. The Gatorade was ‘chased’ with the Klarbrunn, the sweetness of it being more than I could take. Because I have a history with coke, I could tolerate it. My food intake consisted of a piece of buttered toast that pretty much took all day to eat and some rice cakes.

I did some reading and watched a movie but found that my attention span was decidedly off. This is just something to get through. To think that we have all had the flu shot, and here we are suffering with this. As it turned out, we went to bed around ten and I got up at 7:00 AM. Other than feeling weaker than normal (I really have not eaten since Friday), I am feeling pretty normal.

Let’s hope this fast and seemingly furious situation is over.

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