Storms are threatening

Everyone seems to be talking about Stormy Daniels. Our national political scene is in shambles and frankly our weather situation is as well. The meteorological scene has been insane and the number of hurricanes frightening.

This August, instead of having the usual drought, we had lots of rain. The grass is unbelievably green as we are heading into the last of September and October is on the horizon. The mosquito population is unrelenting and my recent garage work had a constant buzzing of the nasty insects.

The storms have been relentless. The hurricanes have been terribly abundant in the Atlantic as well as the Pacific. To think that the powers that be are dissing the idea of global warming.

Today I went out with newly groomed Stewie for our morning walk. It was gray outside but I didn’t fear rain. The minute I am out there, I hear thunder and then I soon hear the lightning warning coming from nearby Deerspring Pool. I did my utmost to move Stewie to do his job and hightailed it back before the storm began.

It got very dark and gray but so far we have had nothing happen. It is warm and humid outside.

This will not be a most fun day for the kids, as we really cannot go outside. It is just too threatening.

We have not yet seen our charges as they are going to the doctor for a well check for the youngest and an ear check for the older. The thought is that the older may have an ear infection.

We are hoping that we shall have a good day despite what looks like a less than a auspicious beginning to the day with that hanging over our heads.

All of a sudden I hear the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof. I guess that this gray and threatening atmosphere was real.

Winter could be very interesting.

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Internet, love that Wi-Fi and hate it!

In the past few weeks, Comcast Xfinity has been out to our house twice as we once again play with the poor Internet coverage. You would think that we live in a very large home, as some areas of it are just less than desirable in terms of service. We have even gotten to the point of having Wi-Fi extenders, now having XFi pods from Comcast. I think that they call it a ‘mesh’ system. They actually seem to be working.

Each Comcast guy seems to have his forte. The recent one, a tall, nerdy looking guy, was wonderful. He came up to me and asked if we had some sort of connection or device going into one of the bedrooms. I couldn’t remember anything but he showed me that there was a coaxial cable going into the room (from the outside).

I honestly couldn’t recall anything. It was only way after the fact that I remembered that originally we had our router in the office upstairs and perhaps that’s what it was.

He kept complaining of a buzzing of interference that he was detecting. He finally ended up disconnecting the cable outside. Now I realize that this probably goes way back to the Wi-Fi we had with AT&T.

To make a long story short, the changes worked and I was in the far depths of our very long garage with my laptop and realized that I still had our Wi-Fi coverage. Of late, even getting any service on the patio was a big deal, so this was amazing.

My blog, which normally takes a long time to load up, now loads up with no time lag.

Let’s see if this lasts…

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A day in the city and…

We had quite the busy day. It started off with a chimney sweep. I found the chimney sweep situation to be quite interesting as they gave a fifteen-minute window of arrival and they texted all information to us, price, etc. It was a good experience with ‘Chimney Monkey’ and we were so impressed that we had them do the dryer duct as well.

We then went downtown for our monthly meeting at the Canadian Consulate. That was followed by lunch with Darrelyn, my former colleague and now fellow committee member of the Chicago Associates of the Stratford Festival.

We kind of hightailed it home as we had a four o’clock appointment with a new friend from the neighborhood. Gordie, a man of similar age to us, had been walking his dog, Lily, one day and passed by our house. Samantha, her sister, and cousin, were doing dog washing. We started talking to Gordie and it ended up by our saying he and his wife should stop by some time for coffee or drinks on the patio.

It actually happened.

The weather was in the above ninety degrees; always my worry as the pools close and September sets in, so we had a nice rosé with an apéritif in the house. We had a delightful time. It turns out that Gordie and his wife have several children, one of whom is married to a French woman who comes from the Loire Valley, where I had studied as an undergrad. Small world it most certainly is. Gordie’s wife is a retired social worker from the elementary and middle school.

It all boils down to this; you can never have too many friends. Sometimes, they are right around the corner from you and you are not even aware of it.

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The end of summer days

The two little ones staring at the chipmunk needing a relocation.

Don’t you just love those end of summer days? You get outside early and hear the crickets and the summer itself humming. You think it is going to be cool out but find that it is slightly warm and humid. You find that choosing the correct clothing, before you go out, is always a crapshoot.

You miss the outdoor pool. That is a subject for another post, lol.

The Locust trees, if you are around any, are doing their thing. Honestly, it is as if the Locust leaves are dropping all year long. It seems like the only time we don’t have them dropping is after a complete wind shake down of the trees in winter and there are no longer any to fall.

The plants are just on the edge of sheer beauty and losing it all in a moment’s notice.

Then there are the Concord grapes that remind you that orange and pumpkins are on the way. These are the Concord grapes that you pop in your mouth and you experience an explosion of taste with a special indescribably, addictive flavor. The younger generation pretty much cannot get beyond the fact that they have seeds. I have noticed in my search for these grapes that they have started hybridizing them. I often see grapes that look like Concords but are not and they have a hint of the delicious taste of Concords but in the end it is like being teased.

It is at this time of the year that Stewart’s coat becomes a collector of leaves and twigs. You think that you have cleaned up all the locust leaves on the floor and as soon as you have, you realize that some have fallen out of our dog’s coat.

Keeping the pond, patio, and the floors adjacent to our doors free of these encumbrances is next to impossible.

Soon the weather will change completely and this will be nothing more than a memory as we transition into winter. Whatever this one brings, we will then have to transition back to summer again.

Summer to fall is delightful!

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Completed the garage project

This is a far cry from the disarray in the previous day’s photo. I am happy to have liberated space and used what I have better.

It was a very hot day and one in which my thermometer registered more than 90 degrees in the garage.

I moved the filing cabinets into place and of course scratched them in several spots. I touched them up with the paintbrush that I had placed in the freezer along with the roller.

Once the cabinets were in place, I put the label hardware and the drawer pulls on and then ‘gingerly,’ as my mom would say, attempted to put them on the tracks and slide them in, hoping not to damage the paint job. It took me several drawers before I got my mojo and once that was all accomplished, I was able to do some reorganization of the things I have in the garage.

I was all over the place.

Around 11:00 AM or so, the two youngest grandkids and their mom came over to hang out. I was just finishing up. We had a great visit as the kids played and ended up in the larger of the two pools we have.

After lunch, they left to put the youngest down for a nap and I went back to work. I cleaned the patio of all of the little, actually tiny locust leaves and then I repotted a bunch of orchids that I have had outside all summer. Being outside has actually caused me to have less to do with them as they seriously enjoyed the humidity of being outside and yet somewhat protected in a mini-greenhouse I have in between the houses.

It was a long, hot day as the humidity is hovering around 60%.

The garage looks spectacular and I actually have more room now since I have inventoried everything, rearranged things, and thrown out a good amount of stuff that I will never use.

Next I have the kitchen to attack…

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