Starved for Normalcy, a poem

Starved for Normalcy

It is only in watching the Inauguration
that I realize how starved I am for normalcy.

To be able to see a human being
who talks to us in actual sentences
and doesn’t rely on the lie or fake news,
is really no longer an accepted standard.

Fact checking
has been de rigueur for the past few years.
Every time we read or watched something,
we never knew how much to believe
when someone made a statement.

Watching the Inauguration
made me tear up so much, I soon realized
that I was starved for normalcy.

Normalcy has returned.

A commentator mentioned that all we want
out of a new president is
Boring is what I want,
I don’t want to have to constantly question what I am hearing,
I don’t want to see a lack of response and leadership to bad things,
I want to see someone take a stand and do something
and not let four hundred thousand of us get wiped out
just because there is no perceived problem.

When our new president spoke to us today
I got all choked up,
so starved was I for that normalcy
of a real human being
speaking to us of real issues and
how we were going to deal with them
instead of sweeping them under the rug
and pretending they don’t exist.

I am so tired
of the double standard,
of a person who occupies the office and who seems to deliberately
do things that are wrong
and then get away with them,

He who shall not be named,
the Voldemort of presidents,
made many of us fear for our lives
as he seemed a dictator wannabe and following in the footsteps
of World War II and other fascism.

I want boring.
I want the hint of a stutter.
No more bullies.
No more leaders with lackeys and cronies.
Normalcy, truth, empathy, kindness, and a desire
to improve the lives and well-being of all Americans, whether
Red or Blue, Republican, or Democrat.
No more leaders pretending to represent the downtrodden
and the disenfranchised,
when in fact they truly despise them.

If boring is normalcy, that is what we want and need.

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Inauguration Day 2021 – a poem

Inauguration Day 2021

Back in 2016,
I recall

The unheard of
landed with a resounding crash
in the land of the free.

A charismatic,
for some,
populist leader
with fascist tendencies,
a dictator wannabe,
somehow succeeded
in taking
the White House.

He created a Kool-Aid
and it flowed freely,
being drunk
by many an American
who felt unrepresented
by the government.

I never felt that it was legal government.

He was never ‘my President.’

He didn’t get
more of the popular vote
than his sadly maligned opponent,
Hillary Clinton.

Once again,
the Electoral College,
meant to keep minorities at bay,
came to squelch
what should have been.

Did the Russians tamper with our elections?

I cannot help but believe so.

Nonetheless, I wasn’t too afraid,
but when he wouldn’t release his tax information,
I knew we were doomed.

No one would keep him to the usual traditions
and force him to do the right thing.

Our valued safeties
and traditions
were mocked
and ignored.

His cronies surrounded him and kissed him where the sun doesn’t shine.

His lackeys reveled in their new found power.

He lied, he cheated, he denied, he ranted, and he used the social media to stir his minions.

He appointed individuals without credentials to cabinet posts,
some lasted,
and some were changed
like the daily underwear.

It was a nightmare for the country.

It is still a nightmare…
and it wasn’t and isn’t just political.

The inept régime
went on
in their belief in fake news
to be irresponsible
in reaction
to an international plague
and the US of A
proceeded to
kill off
its population
by inattention
to the Coronavirus.

Twenty-four million cases
and over four hundred thousand dead
by Inauguration Day in the US of A.


Now we have to recover.

Now we have to work on a destroyed economy,
the Pandemic,
and the disenfranchised population
that felt that
the man who dehumanized and demonized
a significant part of the American population
and made it okay
to hate them
to the point of intimidating
and even killing them.

they were wrong.

they are culpable,
and yes,
those who committed crimes must
face their past.

Even those nasty politicians
who have since become turncoats
and now agree
that our President
was culpable
in even causing
an insurrection
in our beloved Capitol Building
must be prosecuted.

But yes,
these followers of
a strangely charismatic president
are Americans
and we have to
care for,
and bring these people
back into the fold
in such a way
that this experience
never happens again.

Will we ever learn from History?

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Truth or Fake News, a poem

Truth or Fake News


Does it yet exist?

it as
if it were
a leaf on a
tree and the fall
sets in and the leaf drops?

…and then the tree dies?

the forest
fire of Trumpism
come to make a call
or did all the truth die
from an extensive blight that
caused the trees to be cut down
and burned?

Fake News
here to stay and
like buckthorn, invade
and establish itself to the
point that it cannot be eradicated?

going to think that
Fake News is all there is?
Shall we forget that once upon
a time we spoke the truth and that
those who did not were looked upon
with disdain?
Shall we all
speak ‘fake speak?’

will it take
to bring back
truth, morals, values
and things that served
as the backbone of our country?

will be
the oncologist?
Who will be the surgeon
to remove the malignancy
of the times and help us return
to normal?

that once
upon a time
we all thought
that this scenario
was only impossible.

The Inauguration cannot come quickly enough.

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January in Chicago, a poem

January in Chicago

Winter in January
cold with humidity,
cold with wind,
and even
cold that might be dry.

You never know
what to expect
of a January in Chicago.

Maybe drifts
of blowing snow,
maybe no snow
at all,
below zero,
maybe in the forties,
maybe even
in the fifties.

One never knows
what to expect
the first month
of the year
in Chicago.

Chicago can be colder
than Alaska
or warmer
than Florida
on any
given day
in January.

The day
can be gloomy
or the sun
will shine,
blazing through
the cloud cover
and proclaiming
the ruler
of the day.

can be
a month
it is great
to take
a walk
with the dog
it can
be a day
when if
you do,
you land



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Breaded Chicken

Am I the only one experiencing lack of good sleep these days? I don’t want to dwell on the political situation, but I knew, after the election, that it could be a long wait before things got better. That has been the case.

Instead I am going to talk of my Sunday. We got up and I did not walk the dog. I did not do my morning flexibility and calisthenics either, deciding that maybe, just maybe, I should take the day off. I did. I had coffee and did not walk the dog. Okay, we all did but that was later. We had set up the Sunday morning to walk with our oldest son, his wife, two girls, and the dog. We picked up some doughnuts at Deerfields (sic) Bakery and then went over to their house where we carefully peeled off our masks, ate, then put them back on. We then went on an almost two mile walk as it snowed lightly. We walked from their neighborhood adjacent to the Highland Park pool just north of the Fire Station and onto the golf course. It was a great time.

We enjoyed our visit, came home and I went about putting some things away and watering the plants.

Tonight, I am making breaded chicken, something I have not made in over a year and it should be delicious. I fry onions in Crisco and then take the chicken I have breaded in the Hungarian-Austrian-Germanic tradition by coating the chicken with flour, adding garlic powder, salt, and pepper, putting it in a beaten egg wash, and then coating with crushed saltine crackers. I fry it until lightly golden and the put the pieces on racks in the oven for about half an hour. It will be delicious. It has been so long since we have used oil to fry something.

I may even have a glass of wine, something I have done so infrequently of late.

A nice, quiet Sunday…

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