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My Morning Cup of joe

I have really been enjoying my morning cup of coffee. I cannot believe it because for months, my morning cup of joe was relegated to either a tiny cup of real coffee with some milk that I sipped carefully or … Continue reading

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Korean coffee?

I had awakened sometime in the early morning and was quite interested in not knowing the time, because knowing it might assure that I would get up way too early. I stayed in bed, thinking I wasn’t sleeping, although I … Continue reading

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Morning Launch

Morning Launch? Great name for a coffee! I must say that I am looking forward to it after having returned from a morning walk with Stewie. It has been a busy week and I have need of being launched. I … Continue reading

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Life’s little pleasures

I was sitting alone in the living room, Stewie at the top of the stairs, and enjoying the calm. The only real noise besides the occasional sound of a passing car is the tick tock of the Grandfather clock. I … Continue reading

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Coyote Tuesday

My dog walk was more eventful than normal on Tuesday as a coyote walked across Margate Terrace and started walking down Meadowbrook Lane in Deerfield right in front of me, all just a few short minutes from our home. Just … Continue reading

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