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An unforgettable ‘Chez Mikey’ dinner party

Although there were more actual differences between our dinner party, than similarities with ‘Babette’s Feast,’ I could not help thinking, as the party unfurled, that I was experiencing something that was extremely memorable and that would remain in my memory … Continue reading

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Grandma Bori’s iced tea

Growing up, summer was always something to be looked forward to, and one of the reasons was the delicious iced tea that we would make, thanks to my Grandma Bori. She took eight tea bags, a large (at that time … Continue reading

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Life’s little pleasures

I was sitting alone in the living room, Stewie at the top of the stairs, and enjoying the calm. The only real noise besides the occasional sound of a passing car is the tick tock of the Grandfather clock. I … Continue reading

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Farewell, Stratford 2015

We all agree that the minute our troupe of travelers gets into Stratford that the relaxation quotient, henceforth known as the RQ, settles into a very comfortable and stress-free zone. It is one of those things where we all know … Continue reading

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The medical test that shall not be named

I am preparing for a medical test that is taken every ten years or so under optimum situations and which shall not be named. It is reserved for people of a certain age. The reason that I am mentioning it … Continue reading

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