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Learning about other cultures

It is Friday morning and we had a harrowing departure from our house. We are at the kids’ house to allow the young ones to sleep before we help out and get one of them to preschool and the other … Continue reading

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ESL day and impending snow

I am sitting waiting for the French Conversation group to show up. Of late, I have had a really interesting group of at least two, sometimes three adults who show up, none of them being students at Oakton. Today, they … Continue reading

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‘Tell the judge I love my wife.’

The other day, MK and I, instead of doing the Black Friday thing, went to the movies. We saw ‘Loving,’ the true story of interracial love from the 50s. It was the story of a man and a woman in … Continue reading

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Is this the last day of warm weather?

I was up early and was in the car by 6:30 AM, taking care of the grandkids and cleaning them up and dressing them once they woke up. I was surprised that they were not awake when I got there … Continue reading

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Almost 700 words, ESL Conversation Hour

I started working at Oakton in 2012 and usually had two classes each semester. Of late, that has not been the case as a full-time professor has not been garnering the students she needs in her class (she can teach … Continue reading

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