Thanksgiving and I cannot remember what I wanted to write about

Deerfield / IL / Etats-Unis - 11/25/15

I am starting this out as if I have forgotten what I wanted to blog about. I was driving along this morning and I thought of something I wanted to expound upon. Of course, I did not write it down and thus it slipped right out of my memory banks. Now I wonder when it will come back to me, hopefully soon.

I was originally thinking that if I started writing about it that the idea would slip back, I was wrong.

Instead, I shall write about Thanksgiving since it is on Thursday.

This Thanksgiving will be a small Koerner family session since the two older boys and their kids will be with their in-laws, one in Michigan and the other nearby. MK’s nephew and family, who often share our table, shall be in Virginia for the holiday. We shall have our youngest, his girlfriend, and our good Canada traveling friends, CC and Tony.

MK and I picked up the turkey and due to our plans being different tomorrow, what with Mikey and Diana having brunch with her parents (their family tradition), we will eat later which means I do not have to get up at the crack of dawn and start cooking, I can work on getting the bird going much later in the day. That is kind of nice.

I am looking forward to it and to having delicious turkey and its trimmings including the infamous ‘Stuffing Szucs’ that my grandmother used to make way back in the day. At this point, the stuffing is something that has a history that is almost one hundred years old.

So, as Art Buchwald once said, this is only day of the year where we will eat better than the French.

P.S. I still haven’t remembered what I wanted to write about.

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