On Michael Moore’s Latest Movie

If invasion is really needed, I might just pull together this group.  They might be able to handle the job appropriately.

If invasion is really needed, I might just pull together this group. They might be able to handle the job appropriately.

‘Where to Invade Next’ is the latest movie by Michael Moore. As with many things that are filled with good information, thoughts, and philosophies, this is something that will probably not be seen by those who should see it. Michael Moore, a Flint, Michigan native, is apparently way too radical in thought to be appreciated by many, which is a great shame. Although this is really not my type of movie, and sometimes I even need to be almost dragged to something like this, I must say that he hit the nail on the head, telling those of us who are active in the study of language and culture what we already know, that we need to collectively get our heads out of the sand and accept the fact that there are many solutions out there for the various problems our society faces and that a little travel and communication is all we need to do to find them.

The movie is entertaining, as his always are, and he attempts to hit you over the head with his information that is divulged in his typical sarcastic fashion. He travels from place to place, trying to save our military from the considerable expense of their war failures, not having won a war since WWII and yet expending immense amounts of money killing and destroying to save us from external threats. He singlehandedly, with an American flag in hand, is going to invade several different countries.

What I loved about the movie is how Michael continues to bring up all sorts of info about common sense responses to our societal problems and how all we have to do is look elsewhere, to other cultures, to see what they have done to improve. For example, in education, he turned to Finland, known to be on the forefront in achievement, succeeding in teaching their population and yet doing things deemed to be totally out of sync with modern American thought. For example, Finnish students have virtually no homework. Homework in the U.S. is seen as proof that we are educating our youth. Standardized tests are another thing criticized, Finnish students not having to deal with them and yet strangely managing to be successful.

I am simplifying it all, but this is a movie that needs to be seen. Despite the fact that I look at Michael Moore and visually see no way of relating to him, I realize that he is mouthing things that are in my head and that have been there for some time.

There is so much that this movie brings up, food in schools, poverty, healthcare, the death penalty, the justice system, and the list goes on.

At the end of the movie, Michael Moore focuses on Iceland and how the first woman President in the world was in their country and how in the recent banking failures, the only bank that survived was run by women. The message he brings up is way too good to pass up.

All of the evidence brought up by Moore is that all of these cultures are making improvements that are also ones we need. He also points out that the methods implemented were, in fact, American ideas, we invented them and then we apparently did not use them. Great food for thought! See this movie!

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