Dining al fresco, finally!

Deerfield / IL / Etats-Unis - 4/17/16
Saturday morning found the temps around fifty-five degrees and the sun shining. What a shock! MK posted a photo of the breakfast online. It is delightful. Is this the last of the winter?
My guess is that it will get super cold in the next few days, who knows when? Meanwhile, carpe diem, and we will milk this good weather for what we can. This is northern Illinois, after all.
Besides the chirping of the birds, for some reason, I hear the automotive sounds from a highway; I am not sure which one. We are pretty much situated between two and generally hear nothing of them, each one being at least two miles away. If the winds move a certain way, we hear the highway.  
Stewart is in doggy heaven, although I fear to think what his paws may look like later, seeing that he seems to need to run parallel to the back fence in an area that tends to collect most of the water in the yard.  
The smells are fresh and the grass is greening up almost in front of our eyes. The dandelions that are present, and they are fewer than they have been in many years, are gathering energy to send up their almost neon-yellow flowers. I have started my annual dandelion count, even before they bloomed. I have a count of five already.
Even if this only lasts a few days, it is wonderful!

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